BigCommerce Inventory Management & Shipping Software

BigCommerce Inventory Management & Shipping Software

  • Manage your inventory from Amazon, FBA and 21+ other channels
  • Rapid pick and pack with digital scanners & barcodes
  • Shipping integrations with USPS, UPS, and more.
  • Everything you need to make your customers happy starting from $10 per month.
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Take your business further, faster with Veeqo

Sync your sales channels in real-time

Take complete control of your BigCommerce inventory for any number of sales channels and warehouses. Know what you have in stock and where you have it at any one time.

Reporting & forecasting tools

Forecast demand and manage end-to-end purchasing, so you have the right stock at the right time.

Automate everyday tasks

Put everyday tasks on autopilot using rules – like setting stock per channel, routing to warehouses, and more.

Easily Ship All Your BigCommerce Orders

Multi-channel order shipping

Easily ship every customer order from any sales channel – with discounted shipping rates and advanced order management.

Bulk print shipping labels

Fulfill orders quicker than ever by bulk printing up to 500 shipping labels, thousands of invoices, pick lists and packing slips in one-go.

Track your shipments

Track all your shipments in Veeqo, and keep customers updated with a branded tracking page.

Automate shipping workflows for the future

Put repetitive tasks on autopilot based on custom triggers and conditions – like defaulting to an expedited service for next-day orders.

Veeqo is FREE!

We’re able to provide Veeqo for free because we benefit from shipping volume passed to our partner shipping carriers. It’s all part of our mission to help sellers, like you, stay a step ahead.

  • Unlimited users
  • No monthly cost
  • Unlimited orders
  • No shipping label limits

BigCommerce Order Management

Multichannel orders

Connect your BigCommerce and other sales channels into Veeqo’s order management system and view every order in one place.

Automate BigCommerce orders

Automatically update order status on BigCommerce and all other sales channels at each step of the fulfillment journey.

Live order search and filtering

Quickly find any order with live search and advanced filter options.

Improve team communication

Clearly communicate order details with your team via internal notes and tags.

Digital Picking & Packing For BigCommerce

Go digital with your fulfillment

Quickly and accurately to book-in stock, carry out stock-takes and speed-up the order picking & packing process.

Improve warehouse efficiency

Get through significantly more orders each day (with fewer staff) using digital batch picking.

Reduce errors

Eliminate mispicks by scanning to confirm accuracy as orders are picked and packed.

Totally paperless

Reduce your carbon footprint by removing the need for paper pick lists.

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BigCommerce Returns Management

Manage every return in one place from start to finish using Veeqo.

Create returns, record the reason, update stock and issue refunds – all from one platform.

Teamwide insights

Give your support, warehouse and finance teams a single view every step of the way – without spreadsheets or long email threads.

Process returns & refunds

Manage full or partial returns, and issue full or partial refunds.

I didn’t realise how efficient Veeqo would make our business. It has at least halved the time it takes to fulfill orders.

Jason Guy

Director at Gay Pride Shop

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“I didn’t realize how efficient Veeqo would make our business. It has at least halved the time it takes to fulfill orders”

— Jason Guy, Gay Pride Shop