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Meet our Developer Advocate and Outdoors Fanatic, Phil Reynolds

  • Written by Chloe Hardman
Meet our Developer Advocate and Outdoors Fanatic, Phil Reynolds

If you've ever stumbled across our customer stories page, you'll know that Veeqo has helped a wide variety of retailers across the globe transform the way they sell online. Behind this super successful software sits 40+ human (and canine) brains, each one as talented and passionate as the next. That's why we'll be running a series of blog posts stepping into the lives of the wonderful people of Veeqo. You'll find out who has the worst taste in music, who's aspiring to be the next Picasso, and who has shared a stage with the Lemonade Diva, Beyonce. This week, we caught up with Phil, our multi-talented Developer Advocate.

So Phil, Introduce yourself Well, as you know my name is Phil. Originally from the West Midlands, I'm a Developer Advocate here at Veeqo and have been for almost six months now! Why Veeqo? I graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Computer Science and had many job offers lined up. Veeqo was out-and-out the most interesting opportunity. What does your average day at Veeqo consist of? No two days at Veeqo are the same. It tends to go on trends- I'm currently working on a custom integration for a client, which is really exciting! I'd say my usual day can vary between chatting to developers, answering support queries, doing a bit of development work on our API, or reaching out to our potential partners. What do you think the best thing about working here is? The best thing about working at Veeqo is without a doubt the fact that we have a Dog friendly office. I'd also say the flexibility is really cool. Being able to work remotely whenever I want. I haven't made the most of it yet, but my goal is to work from the top of a mountain! What's been the funniest moment at Veeqo? The funniest thing that's happened whilst I've been at Veeqo definitely has to be the river walk we did as a team bonding activity. As a super outdoors-y person, it was comical seeing so many members of staff so out of their comfort zone. If you were CEO of Veeqo, what's the first thing you would do? Not wanting to step on Matt's toes here, as he does a phenomenal job as it is - but I'd integrate a shower room into our toilet cubicles so I'd have no excuse to not go to the gym before work! What's the most interesting thing about you? Phil ponders for a good two minutes To define interesting, the only answer you can give is "Oh God, Oh God, we're all going to die"... Please tell me you get the reference?! Apparently the reference is from Firefly, Phil's all-time favourite TV series Well, what are you doing when you're not at your desk then? I love being outdoors! I kayak, I climb, I mountain bike, I surf... What's your #1 goal in life? This is a question I've not been asked since I was a naive teenager, and a big question, because I'm very content as a Developer Advocate. I'm going to have to say summit a mountain that has never been summited before. Who's got the worst playlist in the company? When you work for Veeqo, one of the employee perks is a free Spotify Premium membership, and anyone in the office can control what goes on the speakers. I think most people will say it's me, as I always put on really hard EDM. Who cares? I love it! Who's the smartest person at Veeqo? Probably our CTO Daniel Vartanov (below). He knows the programming language Ruby better than the people who created it! Dan recently gave a talk at the largest Ruby conference in the world which was fantastic for him. And finally, who is your celebrity rolemodel? It's got to be Nathan Fillion. He's happy and Canadian and loves his belly.

Nathan Fillion Sunglass GIF from Nathanfillion GIFs

Thanks, Phil! You can follow Phil on Instagram here Check back next time, where we will be meeting one of our newest team members, office assistant Jade!

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