Inventory management made simple

Boost your warehouse fulfillment speed and customer satisfaction by preventing sell-outs, precisely forecasting customer demand, automating tasks, and continuously keeping inventory up-to-date across marketplaces and warehouses.

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  • Unlimited users

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Spreadsheets out – Veeqo in

Wave goodbye to the manual world of spreadsheets and let Veeqo do the work by automatically keeping your inventory levels up-to-date across Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart to ensure that you know:

  • Exactly what you have in stock

  • What you've sold and on what marketplace

  • What you could sell more

  • What's not selling

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Inventory table

Transfer and track stock across multiple warehouse locations

Transfer stock to other locations and track changes in available stock levels made from sales, purchase orders, location transfers, inventory counts and more.

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Your carrier, marketplace and store data - all in one place

Veeqo simplifies and scales with your shipping needs with customizable warehouse workflows, trusted carriers, and connections to all selling channels and marketplaces for you require.

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Carrier and store data in one place

Data driven forecasting for data driven sellers

Forecast upcoming demand for your products based on historical sales performance and easily replenish it with our purchase order feature. You can fine tune your demand forecast based on:

  • Sales uplift

  • Stock holding time

  • Supplier lead time

  • No. of customer waiting on backorders

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Adjust stock and listing prices in one place

Update stock and prices for products on every marketplace and store you connect to Veeqo from one place, saving you hours of manual admin time.

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Inventory rules to automate repetitive tasks

Inventory rules works with your stores to adjust and advertise different stock levels across every store you sell on. Inventory rules in Veeqo can:

  • Create urgency on your listings by showing stock levels that are lower than inventory actually on-hand

  • Set aside units for retail stores for walk-in customers

  • Leave a buffer of stock to prevent over-selling

  • Other merchandising tactics

  • Meet your Ebay listing limits

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Effortless inventory control.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Sell products individually or in bundles

Sell products together for upsells, cross sells and marketing promotions across all your stores.

There's no need to set up stock in pre-packed kits - you can create bundles at any time through Veeqo's inventory page.

If you have old inventory or products you need to sell, bundle them together and let Veeqo track the inventory.

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Create, edit, and assign permissions

Adjust account permissions for your team based on preset user roles in Veeqo (Admin, warehouse manager, customer service manager, etc.) or by feature permissions in Veeqo such as:

  • Store access

  • Digital picking

  • Email templates

  • Rules

  • Locations

  • Delivery methods

  • Reports

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