Looking for a free SKULabs alternative? Choose Veeqo.

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  • No monthly fee, unlimited users, unlimited shipments

  • Inventory and order management built in - for free

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more

  • Forecast, track, and buy stock all in one spot

  • A SKULabs alternative you can trust

Inventory and order management cards
SKULabs feature comparison

A no brainer for multichannel sellers.

Manage your inventory across all your channels and ship orders from all your stores with Amazon sponsored discounts. Plus, get clever automation that’ll speed up your fulfillment.

It's free, with no monthly fee and an unlimited number of shipments.

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Goodbye to spreadsheets

Automatically sync your inventory. Everywhere. All the time.

Veeqo automatically conforms your inventory across Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and every other store you sell on. So you never oversell your stock or disappoint a customer.

Did we mention, Veeqo is FREE?

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Total inventory control at your fingertips

As a SKULabs alternative, we offer inventory management features, for free. No monthly cost, no matter how many shipments you send.

All the visibility you need at a glance

See what's on hand, committed, available and incoming with a click of a button.

Cut your dispatch time with order routing

Automatically route orders to specific warehouses based on sales channels, stock levels or destination addresses.

Use automation to simplify inventory processes

Set rules to automate what happens to orders during based on triggers like value, weight and delivery option.

Streamline your warehouse operations for free

Your fulfillment can involve complex processes. With Veeqo, you can set simple rules to automate what happens to orders based on factors like value, weight, warehouse location and more.

Save time with batch picking

Just like SKULabs, our automated batch picking process will make your operations more efficient for you and your team. Instead of needlessly picking one order after another, your team will save time by picking multiple orders at once. All for free.

Reduce mispicks and returns with barcode scanning

Mispicks can really drag down your business. Leading to unhappy customers, returns and bad reviews. Barcode scanning lets your team know that the right products are being picked and sent to the right customers.

Veeqo scanning options
View stock allocation

Forecast, track, and buy stock all in one spot

Veeqo uses historic sales data to calculate likely future demand. Our forecasts show you what is in stock, items that are going to run low and previous sales.

Used previous sales highs to predict future demand

Veeqo can be used to use data from previous sales periods, such as Black Friday, to figure out how much stock you are likely to need on the shelf in the future.

Automatically factor in lead times, stock transfers and outstanding purchase orders

To give you an accurate picture of your inventory requirements Veeqo takes into account lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress.

Easy integrations. Effortless shipping.

Veeqo gives you immediate access to discounted shipping rates for all of your ecommerce stores. With Buy Shipping assurances built in for Amazon orders.

Protected with Veeqo

Experience worry-free shipping as an Amazon seller with Veeqo

Brought to you by Amazon

As an Amazon company, Veeqo is fully integrated with Amazon’s Buy Shipping, which means with Amazon orders you ship, you get extra peace of mind.

100% Valid Tracking on All Labels You Purchase

All labels purchased through Veeqo will include a Valid Tracking ID that will automatically sync with your Amazon account. Giving you peace of mind that your VTR is being maintained.

Negative feedback suppression

We will protect your Amazon account from any negative feedback related to late deliveries for any order shipped through Veeqo, as long as you shipped on time.

Veeqo, an Amazon company

Low rates, without the fuss. 

Low rates, no negotiation required

Veeqo gives you immediate access to discounted shipping rates with UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx. Available ‘out of the box’. No volume needed. Start saving in minutes. 

The best rate for every order, automatically

Veeqo syncs your orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more, automatically choosing the best shipping rate for each item based on size and weight. 

Out of the box shipping carrier rates

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