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How to increase your CLTV with Subscriptions - Webinar

How to increase your CLTV with Subscriptions

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Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration + Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration

Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration

Ship your Shopify Plus orders with Parcelforce quickly & accurately

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Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration

Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration Key Features

Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration

Ship any Shopify Plus order with Parcelforce

Connect any number of Shopify Plus stores to Veeqo and ship any order via Parcelforce in a few clicks - all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Print Parcelforce labels directly from Veeqo

Print Parcelforce labels directly in Veeqo

Open up any Shopify Plus order in Veeqo and print Parcelforce shipping labels right there and then. Manage your entire process from a single screen.

Automatic Parcelforce Shopify Plus delivery notifications

Send automatic delivery notifications

Veeqo sends all data over to Parcelforce. Allowing you to keep customers updated every step of the way with automatic SMS & email delivery notifications.

Indigo Herbs

“Dispatching an order is now so much quicker for us. We can process in batch and get through shipping twice as many each day, with the same amount of staff. Now we know we can maintain our high quality and speed regardless of order numbers, so it’s fantastic to have a system in place that’s able to grow with the business.”

Abby Render - Indigo Herbs

Abby Render - Indigo Herbs

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Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration + Parcelforce Shopify Plus Integration

Reasons to love Veeqo’s Parcelforce Shopify Plus integration

All-in-one retail system

Veeqo is an all-in-one solution allowing omnichannel retail brands to manage their orders, inventory, shipping, warehousing and entire business from a single place.

Track shipments in one place

Check the status of all your customer shipments directly inside Veeqo - without ever needing to log in to either your Shopify Plus or Parcelforce account for updates.

Use almost any Parcelforce service

Veeqo integrates with most Parcelforce Worldwide domestic & international services. Just click 'Ship' and select whichever service is best for each individual order.

Keep every channel up-to-date

All your shipping details and tracking numbers are automatically updated in your Parcelforce account and across your Shopify Plus stores.

Manage customer returns with ease

Veeqo saves and reuses each order’s information so everything you need to re-send to customers via Parcelforce is available at the click of a button.

Fast and easy setup

Simply ask Parcelforce for an expressLink login and you'll be up and running ready to ship in Veeqo in a matter of minutes.

Veeqo provides retailers with all the tools they need to sell and ship everywhere

Jaques London

“With Veeqo we processed 3x as many orders on our busiest day of the year”

Joe JaquesJoe Jaques, Jaques London
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