Royal Mail Online Business Account OBA integration

Save time and manage all your orders in one place and print 100's of shipping labels with one click

Cut shipping time with Royal Mail OBA

With Veeqo you have a stop shop to manage inventory , process orders, print labels, control stock all from one dashboard.

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How Veeqo works with Royal Mail Online business account OBA

The direct integration with Royal Mail means you can ship orders in Veeqo and choose which Royal Mail services you want to use. Create and print shipping labels in seconds, update the order as shipped and email the customer their tracking number. You can print off a daily shipment report, which is formatted for the Royal Mail (called a Collection Manifest) so your collection driver can sign for all of your parcels. To use the integration, all you need is a Royal Mail online business account (OBA) which can be applied for online with Royal Mail.

We support all the major Royal Mail services including:

  • 1st / 2nd Class
  • 1st / 2nd class Signed for
  • Special Delivery Next Day 1PM & 9AM
  • Standard 24/48
  • International Air Mail
  • International Signed
  • International Tracked
  • International Signed & Tracked
  • Tracked 24/48

Do i still need royal mail dispatch manager online (DMO)?

No, Veeqo replaces your need to print labels using Royal Mail DMO.

Can i create labels with tracking numbers?

Yes, we support ALL of Royal Mail's services including all those with tracking numbers such as Special Delivery/Signed for/Tracked.

How do i print the labels?

Royal Mail provides a roll of sticky labels for free. You just need a thermal printer and then insert the roll. When you ship orders in Veeqo, you choose which service you want and out pops the label(s) on the printer.

What is the advantage of the royal mail integration?

Speed, just 1 click and your sticky label is printed, including your customers delivery address and then easily applied to the parcel. No more copy and pasting shipping addresses.

We also automatically email the client to say the order has shipped and give them the tracking number (if any), also updating your marketplace/web store. On average this saves 3 minutes per order.

How do i pay for the royal mail labels?

Once a day, you print your collection manifest, which lists all the items you shipped that day. We then report to Royal Mail and they will then invoice you weekly/monthly. You will be able to view what you've been billed for in your Royal Mail Online business account OBA.


Works everything

Works on everything, everywhere

If you have access to the web, then Veeqo will work for you! Say hello tablets, smart phones and computers.

Inventory management

Real time inventory syncing

Keep all your marketplaces and websites inventory up to date in real time. Sell something on eBay? Veeqo will update your Amazon stock level automatically. Running 24 hours a day, so you can relax.

Start to finish order management

inventory management software

Keep track of all your orders from one system, no more logging into multiple sales channels to ship orders. Real time syncing between Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce and save time getting your orders out.

See where products are listed

Manage products individually from all of your web stores and marketplaces in one place.

Amazon inventory

Link your listings together

Veeqo will automatically link your products from different channel by SKU code, but you can also override and use our products matching tool to link products together.

Link listings together

Sell your products everywhere

List your products on Amazon and eBay straight from any of your stores. Create, edit and list products in one place and reach more customers.

Sell your products on Amazon and eBay

Ship more in less time

Batch shipping orders means you can print packing/delivery labels and invoices quickly and cut down your shipping time.

Royal Mail integration with Veeqo

A snapshot of your sales

Gross profit is an important indicator of how your business is doing and with Veeqo's dashboard and reports, you can see all the important facts and figures across all your sales channels.

Shipping integrations for Amazon


Order management

Order Management

Manage all your orders from your web stores and marketplaces in one place, without having to log in to different systems.

Inventory management

Inventory Control

Keep your inventory up to date across your web stores and marketplaces automatically and without the worry of overselling.

Shipping integration

Shipping Integration

Ship and print hundreds of shipping labels with one click with our direct shipping integrations and save up to 5 minutes per order.

Multi channel

Amazon Lister

List your products on Amazon and eBay straight from any of your stores in a couple of clicks.

Purchase orders


Use Veeqo to send your suppliers orders directly, no more lost emails. Together with the re-order reports, you’ll know exactly what inventory you need.

In store

In store

Easy to use point of sale register for your retail store. It’s connected to your webstore and marketplace, so your inventory is always right.



Know exactly what's going on in your business. See your gross profit per store broken down, plus detialed sales trends.

I phone

iPhone App

Take your inventory with you wherever you go. View and edit inventory levels on the move using your iPhone camera to scan your product barcodes.

Discount shipping rates

Accounting Integration

Speed up your accounts by syncing your web stores and marketplace orders, cost of goods and purchase orders into Xero directly.

" With the number of orders we’re doing now, we’d of been spending half a day just typing and printing out labels when it can all be done in Veeqo in minutes. Veeqo just makes life so much easier, saving time logging in and out of a million platforms. It really is a no brainer. "

- Gabriella Urbano, eCommerce Manager at Bear Strength


Why do retailers choose Veeqo?

Works everything

Works on everything, everywhere

If you have access to the web, then Veeqo will work for you! Say hello tablets, smart phones and computers.

Helpful support team

Here to help

We believe in the best of customer service. In the last 6 months, our first response time was 15 minutes via email and we're always happy to help.


Save time

With inventory levels that automatically update and shipping orders in bulk, Veeqo will save you hours so you can focus on growing your business.

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Increase sales

It's never been easier to sell your products on more stores, minus the hardwork of manually adding products over and over again.

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