order management

How Does an OMS Work?

An order management system (OMS) works by consolidating orders from all of a company’s sales channels into one place. So a business selling on a Magento site, Amazon, eBay and a physical brick-and-mortar store, would be able to view, manage and fulfil all their sales orders from one login screen.

Order management

This makes managing the order process much easier. Rather than logging into each individual sales channel or POS system, everything can be managed from start to finish in one place.

An OMS will cover four key pillars:

  • Orders. Bringing in sales from every channel to manage in one platform.
  • Inventory. Syncing inventory in real-time across every channel, and accurately forecasting to prevent stock-outs.
  • Fulfilment. Streamlining picking, packing and warehouse activity, and directly integrating with relevant shipping carriers.
  • Returns. Providing one place for your team to complete returns from start to finish and book-in returned stock back to your warehouse inventory.