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8 Ways Inventory Management Software Improves Online Sales For Ecommerce Businesses

Written by Duncan La Barre • 6th July 2017

Do you know which ecommerce entrepreneurs sleep soundly at night? Those who have mastered their inventory management game. Why? Constantly doubting your inventory levels is hardly the ideal way to run your business. An error here, a missed order there – it all threatens to disappoint customers and compromise your P&L sheets. Worse, you may […]

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Ecommerce KPI’s Every Retailer Needs to Track

Written by Jodie Pride • 16th June 2015

KPI’s – or Key Performance Indicators – are used to track and measure your company’s success at reaching its targets. They are measurable values which demonstrate how well your company is meeting its objectives, and monitoring them helps retailers evaluate their progress in sales, marketing and customer service.

Inventory Management Software Vs Warehouse Management Software

Written by Jodie Pride • 9th May 2015

Although it might seem like the terms “inventory management software” and “warehouse management software” are used interchangeably, they are actually have two quite different roles to play in the overall management of a business. So which one do you need? In general, warehouse management software can be used for stock location and activity tracking, where […]

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5 Reasons Retailers are Choosing Inventory Management Software

Written by Jodie Pride • 6th May 2015

More and more retailers are choosing to adopt inventory management software, and it’s easy to understand why. Managing an inventory can be a challenge for online retailers, but having a well organised stock control system can make things easier. We’re going to look at a few of the reasons why inventory management software can really […]

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How Will Virtual Reality Change the Face Of the High Street?

Written by Jodie Pride • 17th April 2015

To some, the idea of virtual reality may still seem like an abstract concept or a futuristic technology we won’t see in this lifetime, but it’s actually a lot closer to being commercialised than one might think, with many retailers trialing forms of virtual reality as part of their marketing strategies. It might sound like […]

Ultimate Multichannel Inventory Management Software Comparison Guide

Written by Jodie Pride • 6th April 2015

There are a number of different options available when choosing a multichannel inventory management software and with so many different variations of pricing plans, integrations and features, it can be difficult to choose the right system for you, so we’ve put together our ultimate comparison of multichannel inventory management software to help you make the […]

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Why You Should Choose Online Inventory Management

Written by Jodie Pride • 18th March 2015

Web-based services are becoming increasingly popular in recent years – just look at cloud storage, such as Google Drive and iCloud – and it’s easy to see why, especially from a business point of view. Online retailers can take advantage of these softwares which operate “in the cloud” – let’s take look at some of […]

Benefits of Cloud based Inventory Management

Written by Jodie Pride • 3rd March 2015

E-commerce merchants are reaping the  benefits from cloud based inventory management software in many ways, here are some reasons to go with the cloud: 1. Providing you have internet access and the login details needed, you can work from anywhere at any time with a cloud based inventory management system. Remotely managing your inventory could increase efficiency and make life […]