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Amazon inventory management

Amazon Inventory Management: How to Replenish & Track A Highly Profitable Amazon Inventory

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd June 2020

Most Amazon sellers want better rankings, more sales, and higher profits. How you manage inventory has a huge impact on all three. Fail to take inventory seriously, and you’re looking at: Unexpected stockouts. Slow moving products. Waste and spoilage at every turn. All creating a poor overall experience that both your customers and Amazon won’t […]

What is a sku? How to create SKU numbers

What is a SKU? How to Create SKU Numbers & Use Them Like A Pro

Written by Mike Glover • 30th April 2020

The humble SKU may seem like an innocuous little number. But it plays a huge role in effective inventory management. Even the most seasoned ecommerce pros can be forgiven for not knowing too much about SKUs. So the chances are, you fall into at least one of three categories: SKUs are there, but set up […]

Inventory shrinkage strategies

Inventory Shrinkage: 8 Must-Know Strategies to Protect Your Stock

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd April 2020

Inventory shrinkage could be slowly eating away at your profits without you even realizing. And you have to get a handle on this before it costs your business big money. But before you can take action against inventory shrinkage, you need to know what it is and how you can avoid it. So, let’s start […]

How to keep track of inventory

How to Keep Track of Inventory in Your Ecommerce Business

Written by Mike Glover • 13th January 2020

Inventory tracking may be a dull subject. But messing it up can have catastrophic results for an ecommerce business. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of: Running out of goods without realizing. Becoming inundated in a never ending stream of backorders. Delivering a poor customer experience through delays and disappointment. So, good inventory […]

Taking a physical count of inventory

10 Solid Tips For Taking A Physical Count of Inventory in Your Warehouse

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd October 2019

Taking a physical count of inventory is a task met with dread by most retailers. Closing stores. Pausing warehouses. Paper inventory lists. Endless counting, re-counting and correcting. It can be a total nightmare. But it’s a necessary nightmare for good inventory management. And one that can be made a lot easier when accompanied with proper: […]

Is quickbooks good for inventory management?

Is QuickBooks Good for Inventory Management?

Written by Mike Glover • 26th June 2019

QuickBooks is a phenomenal piece of software for businesses to keep track of their accounts. Something well backed up by their 2.55 million worldwide subscriber rate and domination of over 80% of US market share. But is QuickBooks good for inventory management? The short answer is no, especially when it comes to ecommerce retailers selling […]

inventory tracker

11 Telltale Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Inventory Tracker

Written by Mike Glover • 7th June 2018

Using a basic inventory tracker tool can be great when starting out. But there’s a definite tipping point every business reaches where they just need something more powerful. And trying to stick it out with tired spreadsheets can seriously hold back growth. Especially when you consider Entrepreneur Magazine’s claim that companies lose 20-30% in revenue […]

7 Inventory Control Methods to Bulletproof Your Retail Operation

Written by Mike Glover • 7th December 2017

Running a slick and seamless retail operation is one of the best ways to blow your competition out the water. Fewer mistakes are made. Orders get out the door faster. Less money is wasted. And you create raving, loyal customers. One of the fundamental parts of achieving this is stock optimization and gaining precision control […]

7 Big Inventory Management Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

Written by Duncan La Barre • 22nd November 2017

At Veeqo, we speak to ecommerce retailers all the time. And when we ask them what their biggest challenge is, one thing that comes up time and time again is inventory management mistakes. The struggle is real. The more sales you generate, the more inventory you need. It’s a nice problem to have. But it […]

12 Smart Inventory Reduction Strategies to Clear Out Excess Stock

Written by Mike Glover • 18th September 2017

Having excess inventory and obsolete stock can be very costly for ecommerce retailers. Not only does it take up space in the warehouse, mess up cash flow and put a spanner in supply chain management – but attempting to get it sold can also divert attention from other vital areas. That’s why having solid and […]