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Barcode Scanner Picking

Enterprise-level order fulfilment with digital picking & packing in Veeqo

Say goodbye to paper picking lists and laborious manual systems by running your entire pick & pack process with the Veeqo barcode scanner.

Fulfil orders at enterprise-level speed with digital picking & packing

Give your customers a perfect delivery experience that keeps them coming back

Get more orders out the door each day and eliminate mispicks by managing your entire picking and packing process with Veeqo.

Learn how Veeqo can help you provide an enterprise level returns experience for your customers

See how Veeqo can help you provide the high quality experience your customers crave

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Learn how Veeqo can help you provide an enterprise level returns experience for your customers

Never disappoint your customers again

  • Pick customer orders in batches so everything gets out the door and into customers’ hands quicker than ever before.
  • Scan every item as it’s being picked to confirm accuracy and eliminate mispicks - meaning customers always get the right order.
  • Keep returns at an all-time low by ensuring customers receive the right order, every single time.
23% of returns are due to the wrong item being dispatched from the warehouse
Never disappoint your customers again
Maximise your warehouse team’s productivity

Maximise your warehouse team’s productivity

  • Say goodbye to hours wasted every day printing and distributing pick lists, and spend more time actually fulfilling orders.
  • Automatically set your team up for the day with assigned picking batches ready to be started as soon as staff arrive on shift.
  • Easily priortise your most important orders to be picked first by dragging them to the top of the picking queue.
  • Automatically send pickers on the most optimised route around the warehouse to get batches picked even quicker.

Keep track of everything anyone does in the warehouse

  • Know exactly who picked what and when for each order. Meaning you can trace individual mistakes to their source - and stop them happening again.
  • Measure the efficiency of your team as a whole with team metrics, and track individuals by seeing who’s picked and packed the most items.
  • Make more informed hiring decisions by seeing where you do and don’t need more team members - potentially reducing staffing costs.
Keep track of everything anyone does in the warehouse
Easily set up Veeqo for full control of your warehouse

Easily integrate Veeqo into your warehouse

  • Quickly and easily integrate Veeqo into your current warehouse operation without the time and costs of other intimidating Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Optimise your picking batches to match the capacity of your warehouse team - set up trolleys and picking totes and adjust the number of line items or orders per batch.
  • Gain full control of the order cycle from sale to dispatch - all in one easy-to-use platform.

How digital picking in Veeqo helped essential oils retail brand Naissance

No. of pickers
Monthly labour cost
Items picked per hour
Picking errors
Paper picking
Digital picking

Veeqo helps retailers provide an exceptional fulfilment experience for their customers

Pick priority orders first

If a customer chooses expedited shipping, their order automatically moves to the front of the line.

Display live warehouse metrics

Share your team metrics dashboard to a warehouse TV screen and show live picking progress updates throughout the day.

On-board new staff quickly

Simplistic workflows and a user-friendly interface means new and existing team members can get up to speed with Veeqo quickly.

Flexible picking batches

Split single line item orders into batches that have one picking tote per batch. Multiline item orders can have a picking tote assigned per order.

Adjust your batch sizes

Configure the number of items or orders to be fulfilled per batch based on what your pickers can handle.

Easily add more totes

Edit and print your own unique tote labels to easily add more totes to your picking trolleys.

Full order history

Go into any order and see the exact date and time it was picked as well as by which team member.

Quick and accurate packing

Easily prioritise orders that need shipping quickly, then scan items as they’re being packed to ensure 100% accuracy.

Mark picking as incomplete

If pickers come across a missing item in the warehouse, they can mark as incomplete and the order will be flagged in Veeqo before it reaches the packing desk.

Veeqo is trusted by the world's best omnichannel retail brands - big and small

Peter Sherriff from Flawless Vape
"The best thing about Veeqo is that I don’t have to spend two hours every morning resolving orders for out of stock items." Peter Sherriff, Flawless Vape
2000product SKUs
5sales channels
£15mannual turnover

Pick a high volume of customer orders quickly and accurately with barcode scanning in Veeqo

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