Veeqo myHermes Shipping Shopify Magento WooCommerce Amazon Etsy eBay Integration

Veeqo myHermes Shipping Integration

Veeqo myHermes Shipping Shopify Magento WooCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy Integration

Use Veeqo to ship your myHermes orders faster

Sync your Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon or eBay orders and ship using myHermes from one easy-to-use platform.

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Key myHermes Shipping Integration Features

Ship any order with myHermes

Ship any order with myHermes

Connect your Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, Etsy or eBay stores and ship orders using myHermes in a few clicks - all directly inside Veeqo.

Print myHermes shipping labels in bulk

Print shipping labels in bulk

Bulk print up to 100 myHermes shipping labels at the click of a button. Just select the orders, pick a service and all labels are sent to your 6x4 thermal printer.

Automate myHermes shipments

Instant myHermes shipping account

Start creating myHermes labels straight away even if you dont have an account, we can give you an instant account with credit.

Indigo Herbs

“Dispatching an order is now so much quicker for us. We can process in batch and get through shipping twice as many each day, with the same amount of staff. Now we know we can maintain our high quality and speed regardless of order numbers, so it’s fantastic to have a system in place that’s able to grow with the business.”

Abby Render - Indigo Herbs

Abby Render - Indigo Herbs

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myHermes Integrations for All Your Sales Channels

Reasons retailers love Veeqo's myHermes integration

myHermes shipping management made easy

Take complete control of your myHermes shipping management - manage every order with a range of shipping options all in a single place.

Veeqo supports the following sales channels:

Use USB scales to weigh accurately

Use USB scales to weigh every shipment accurately

Use USB scales to weigh accurately

Plug a set of USB scales into Veeqo to easily calculate parcel weight and make it simple for your team to select the right myHermes services for each order.

And that's not all…

Track shipments in one place

Check the status of all your customer shipments directly inside Veeqo - without ever needing to log in to your myHermes account for updates.

Create integrated myHermes labels

Print your myHermes labels on the same sheet as invoices to make picking, packing and shipping smoother than ever.

Keep every channel up-to-date

All your shipping details and myHermes tracking numbers are automatically updated in your myHermes account and across your stores.

Easily input package dimensions

Store all your products’ cubic measurements in Veeqo to save time when entering parcel dimensions for each myHermes shipping quote.

Manage customer returns with ease

Veeqo saves and reuses each order’s information so everything you need to re-send to customers via myHermes is available at the click of a button.

Search your shipping label history

Have complete access to your old archived myHermes labels to easily search through and view when needed.