Retail brands are choosing Veeqo as a TradeGecko alternative

Veeqo vs TradeGecko reviews - TradeGecko alternative

Veeqo helps some of the fastest growing retail brands provide an incredible customer experience, shipping every order from every sales channel on time and with 100% accuracy.

Veeqo vs TradeGecko reviews - TradeGecko alternative

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Veeqo is a platform for retailers to automate their entire back office - a powerful TradeGecko alternative.

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Why do retailers choose Veeqo over TradeGecko to help them sell and ship everywhere?

Veeqo is full of innovative features that TradeGecko simply doesn't support. Below are just some of the reasons people at fast-growing retail brands choose Veeqo as a TradeGecko alternative.

1. A truly all-in-one solution

Veeqo is fully-loaded with all the features a retailer needs to manage and grow an omnichannel business.

Everything is controlled from a single cloud-based platform – shipping and tracking multichannel orders, buying from suppliers, using the Veeqo Scanner for warehouse operations and detailed reporting via our analytics dashboard.

TradeGecko place heavy focus on their inventory management capabilities, but you’ll still need additional third-party apps for vital requirements such as shipping and warehouse management. This adds additional costs to your business, and results in an inconsistent customer experience.


2. Used by serious retail brands

Veeqo is built to handle the entire fulfilment process for big retail brands shipping hundreds or even thousands of orders a day. Our CEO is a highly experienced ecommerce retailer himself, having previously run a £60 million business selling luxury watches as part of a 20+ year career in the industry.

Brompton Bikes, Dove, Harry Potter, Joseph and Car Throttle are just a few of the multi-million dollar companies trusting Veeqo to help deliver a seamless experience for their customers.


3. Direct shipping integrations

Veeqo integrates directly with 17 world-leading shipping couriers – Royal Mail, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Aus Post and more. Allowing you to control your entire fulfilment process and bulk print shipping labels from a single platform.

TradeGecko has no built-in shipping integrations. Meaning you’d have to purchase, maintain and train your team to use another third-party shipping app – like Shiptheory or ShipStation.


4. Digital picking with handheld scanner

Veeqo’s integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for a fully digital pick, pack and ship process – meaning no more wasting hours every day printing off labels, pick lists and invoices. The Veeqo Scanner also brings near-perfect single or batch picking, books in new inventory faster than ever and enables you to easily complete weekly rolling stock takes.

TradeGecko offers only old and outdated options. Leaving your team picking orders manually and wasting time repeatedly printing off documents every single day.


5. Unrivalled customer support

Veeqo has a superbly rated support team easily accessible via phone, live chat and email – regardless of which price plan you’re on.

Customers rank our support as one of the highest in the industry. With the team consistently highlighted in five-star Veeqo reviews on sites like Shopify, Capterra and GetApp.


6. Veeqo has innovation at its core

Veeqo has had innovation coursing through its veins since day one. And this is constantly reflected throughout our company and product going forward.

We’ve secured £3 million of funding from some of the most high-profile investors out there – such as Tom Singh, founder of British retail behemoth New Look. And we’ve also been recognised as one of the fastest growing UK companies with our selection for the TechCity Upscale program alongside giants like Monzo, Deliveroo and Farfetch.


Veeqo provides retailers with all the tools they need to sell and ship everywhere

Harry Mann, Brompton Bikes

“Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning”

Harry Mann, Brompton BikesHarry Mann, Brompton Bikes
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