Introducing the VS1 Scanner

The smart way to streamline your warehouse

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The VS1 is a stand-alone, wireless device with built-in laser barcode scanner. It’s been designed to help you book-in stock more quickly, improve the way you carry out stock takes and speed up the order picking process.

With the VS1, your team has complete freedom to work from anywhere in the warehouse without being next to a computer. Everything is synced perfectly to your Veeqo account, all in real time - just login and start scanning.

Book in stock from anywhere in the warehouse

As soon as new stock arrives in from your suppliers, use the VS1 to book everything in there and then.

Instant syncing

Once scanned and booked in, VS1 will tell you where to put it in the warehouse.

Complete freedom

Stay connected via your wifi network or with a 3G sim card.

Faster stock take (without the paper)

Stock takes are a pain - but not with the VS1. Your team have complete power to check inventory levels across the warehouse and fix on-hand discrepancies on the spot. You can even set weekly targets to make sure your team are performing to the highest standard.

Totally paperless

Say goodbye to printing off lists of paper. With the VS1, everything is taken care of digitally and remotely.

Update stock levels

Just scan the item’s barcode and use the VS1’s touchscreen to adjust inventory quantities on the spot.

Quick to pick

Using the VS1 is the quickest and most efficient way to pick orders from any of your sales channels. You’ll never send the wrong product to a customer again.

Perfect picking

It’s never been easier, quicker or more efficient to ship a high volume of orders in one go.

Multiple warehouses

Pickers can select which warehouse to pick orders for and then use the VS1 barcode scanner make sure they pick accurately.
Battery Full battery last for 10 hours of constant scanning.
Charging Slot into its cradle and it’s fully charged within 3 hours.
Software Automatically updates with new features and fixes.
Pistol Pistol grip with button allows scanning product with 1 hand.
Warranty Free replacement if it breaks from non accidental damage.

“We ship thousands of orders a week from multiple warehouses, and the VS1 has been a massive time-saver for us. We’re now able to book in stock and get it in our customers’ hands quicker than ever before.”

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How much does the VS1 cost?

The VS1 is only available to Veeqo customers with an active Veeqo account, subscribing to one of our new pricing plans that launched in August. A VS1 device comes free with some plans, or for an additional cost of £40 per month on other plans.

Can I buy a VS1 instead of renting it?

We think that by paying for the device on a monthly basis, it removes the burden from retailers to maintain the product’s hardware and software. It will also makes it easier to upgrade to new models in future.

I have a lot warehouse staff - can I get a discount for ordering multiple VS1 devices in bulk?

To order multiple VS1 devices, please speak to our team of product specialists who will be able to work out a reduced price for larger quantities. The best way to contact the team is by calling 0203 808 9165 in the UK or 1-917-979-6435 in North America.

What can I do if I don’t want the device any longer?

The VS1 is provided on a 12-month contract basis. After the first 12 months, you can cancel at anytime by sending the VS1 back to our UK office. The device will need to be returned fully operational and in good condition (normal wear and tear is OK).

How long does the battery last?

The VS1 battery has been tested to work for 10 hours of continuous use using the barcode scanner. For heavy-duty users, an additional spare battery is available to buy, which can charged in the cradle while the device is being used.

How does the VS1 connect to the internet?

Wifi is the main source for connecting the VS1 to the internet so that it syncs with your Veeqo account. It also accepts 3G/4G sim cards if you struggle to connect to WiFi in your warehouse.

How long does it take to update my website once I’ve scanned something in the warehouse?

After scanning an item, stock quantities will be updated on Veeqo in real time. Veeqo will then update inventory levels on your website and marketplaces all within a few seconds.