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Inventory that’s up to date

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Manage orders in one place

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Shipping integration to print shipping labels

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Accounting Integration

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Point of Sale

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All your orders from across your stores

Keep the whole team on top of orders from start to finish. See all your stores orders in one place and ready to go.

Manage all your orders on one screen

Inventory that's always up to date

Track what's happening in your inventory as it happens. Edit stock levels, see inventory update instantly and start selling more without the worry of overselling.

No more overselling. Let Veeqo sync your stock between your stores.

Deliver every order with a single click

Ship orders in seconds - print shipping labels, send customer e-mail confirmations and mark orders as shipped automatically for all your stores. Get orders out on time and keep your customers happy.

Shipping integrations means less time spent shipping orders

Sell more than ever before

Increase sales by listing your current products on all the major marketplaces. With Veeqo's listing tools, you can directly access the customers of Amazon and eBay worldwide in a couple of clicks.

Save time by getting Veeqo to list your products on Amazon for you


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Amazon Lister

List your products on Amazon straight from any of your stores or eBay marketplaces. The eBay lister will be released soon.

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Use Veeqo to send your suppliers orders directly, no more lost emails. Together with the re-order reports, you’ll know exactly what inventory you need.

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In store

Easy to use point of sale register for your retail store. It’s connected to your webstore and marketplace, so your inventory is always right.

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Know exactly what's going on in your business. See your gross profit per store broken down, plus detialed sales trends.

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iPhone App

Take your inventory with you wherever you go. View and edit inventory levels on the move using your iPhone camera to scan your product barcodes.

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Accounting Integration

Speed up your accounts by syncing your web stores and marketplace orders, cost of goods and purchase orders into Xero directly.

"Veeqo offers a quick easy solution to help manage our orders through multiple websites and sales channels. It has helped us develop and grow our online business, enabling us to handle our orders more efficiently."

James Sellors, Director

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