Grow your shopify store with Veeqo

Easily print shipping labels and keep your inventory right

Deliver every order on time

Veeqo's Integration with Shopify allows you to pull orders from Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or Ebay and print USPS, Royal Mail, UPS and FedEx shipping labels in one place, create shipping rules and email your customer their shipping details in an instance. It’s an easy way to ship and a great way keep your customers happy.

Shopify Amazon Integration inventory

Sell more, without the hard work

With Veeqo's Shopify integration,you can sync your Shopify inventory with your eBay, Amazon or even second Shopify store automatically.

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Shopify Integration features

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sell in store

The easiest way to sell in-store with our point of sale

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Keep your accounts up to date

Easily sync all yours order with Xero

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Easily create and edit invoices to show off your brand

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Better Shipping Rates

Great saving from the shipping companies you trust

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Are you making a profit?

The easiest way to find out what’s going on in your business

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Handle Suppliers

Take the hassle out of ordering from your suppliers

"There were times where we disappointed customers as items that were listed in stock had actually sold out. Since working with Veeqo we manage our stock more effectively and ensure stock levels are accurate on our website. We really believe Veeqo is a great tool that will help us grow."

- Tim Douglas, Founder of Bibico


WHY do retailers choose veeqo?

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works on everything, everywhere

If you have access to the web, then Veeqo will work for you! Say hello tablets, smart phones and computers.

Beautiful design 25ddd77d006db82358e1df1e40292fc79d137bad6ed7f8ed2e1f2863f614587d

designed to be easy

We believe in keeping things simple and clear, so you don’t need a manual to use Veeqo.

Helpful support team 52d3bd20762b4fde9aab5149bdb0546fbdc8e3402365c685fdfc5d0d21664adb

Here to help

Whether you’re just getting started or adding your tenth store, we’re just a phone call or email away to lend a hand.

Affordable pricing 7c60c096627157743bbab824bfed017e1b744b92adbe45edb842696a9ce21986

transparent pricing

A fixed monthly based on your volume with no long term contracts.

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