All your multichannel data in one place. For free.

All your multichannel data in one place. For free.

Get unified sales, inventory, and fulfilment reports from all your channels. Plus demand forecasting tools and fulfilment audit trails. No monthly costs.

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Power Features Coming November ‘22

Wave goodbye to spreadsheets with multiple tools wrapped into one, subject to our fair usage policy.

Increase sales with key reports

Identify your best sellers, across channels

Find out what is selling and what isn’t. Make smarter stock decisions about what to sell and where. 

Analyse sales data to only order the stock that will sell

Missing out on sales because you didn’t order enough stock? Use data-based forecasting to plan for those high-sales periods and avoid underselling. 

Identify your high margin products

Buy and receive stock from suppliers in Veeqo and get clear data on each item that shows what you paid, what you sold it for, and what your margin was. 

Get full visibility over your fulfilment process

Keep an eye on your stock 

Use mobile scanners to count and pick stock for always-accurate stock levels. Easily check if stock levels have been manually changed by your team.

View a complete audit trail

Know the lifecycle of every single product, where it’s been, and the actions team members have performed. Identify and prevent leakage.

Evaluate your warehouse team’s performance

Make sure you hit carrier cut-off times and avoid mispicks with performance reports split by picker, time, day or warehouse.

Forecast your inventory needs to optimise sales

Use previous sales highs to predict future demand

Use data from previous sales periods, such as Black Friday, to figure out how much stock you are likely to need on the shelf.

Automatically factor in lead times, stock transfers and outstanding purchase orders

To give you an accurate picture of your inventory requirements Veeqo takes into account lead times, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress.

Re-order straight from Veeqo

Save your supplier details in Veeqo and associate them with the relevant supplier. That way, when a product runs low you know how to connect and how much it will cost.

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You’re just three simple steps from cutting your shipping costs and managing all your ecommerce in one place.

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    Create your account

    It’s quick, easy, and always free to use, no matter how much you ship.

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    Connect a store

    Check out how Veeqo works—it won’t affect your current sales data.

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    Save on your very first shipment

    Enjoy faster fulfillment and happier customers!

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“I didn’t realize how efficient Veeqo would make our business. It has at least halved the time it takes to fulfill orders”

— Jason Guy, Gay Pride Shop