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The All New Veeqo Dashboard: A Total Overview of Your Key Business Metrics on a Single Screen

  • Written by Marc Girdlestone
The All New Veeqo Dashboard: A Total Overview of Your Key Business Metrics on a Single Screen

Say hello to a totally new way of looking at your ecommerce business. Competition is fierce in the retail world. And being able to quickly pinpoint your business’s strengths and weaknesses is key to getting ahead. Because the earlier you spot a shortcoming, the faster you can fix it. And this is exactly why we’ve launched a completely new look to the Veeqo Dashboard.

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Logging into Veeqo now gives you key, real-time insights into the performance of your entire business - right there on a single screen. Let’s take a look at exactly what the new Dashboard does:

  1. Total sales broken down by store

Get a clear view of total sales in your business over any time frame. And also see any upward or downward trends against the previous period: It’s exactly the same with total number of orders too - again with a comparison against the previous period: You can even see a breakdown of the total sales and orders from each channel or store. Yet again with a trend comparison on previous period for each one: So now you can instantly see which direction your business is moving in at any one time - and easily pinpoint your best and worst performing channels.

  1. Top selling products

The new Veeqo Dashboard also gives an instant update on your top selling products. No need to go through sales data or manually run a report - it’s all there for you. It even gives a breakdown of units sold and total sales value over the selected time period: All this means you get an instant look at what products are selling well - and can make more informed buying decisions going forward. Want more than a snapshot? You can even run a full report for even greater detail:

  1. Customise over any date period

You have total control of the snapshot your Veeqo Dashboard gives you by viewing performance over any period of time. Just head to the ‘date selector’ in the top-left: Then choose whichever time period you want and watch your performance data update instantly: Veeqo even automatically generates and compares everything against the previous time frame - giving you a high-level insight into which way your business is moving.

  1. Order break down

See an overview of all live orders in your business - broken down into ‘payment required’, ‘waiting for stock’ and ‘ready to ship’. You also see the percentage of these orders that have been successfully picked: All giving you an instant insight into any bottlenecks appearing in your fulfilment process - right there in your Veeqo account.

  1. Average order processing time

The sooner you get orders out the door and delivered correctly, the happier your customers will be. And the more likely it is they’ll keep coming back. So being able to accurately track and improve on your average order processing time is a huge benefit to your business. That’s why we put it right there on full view in the new Veeqo Dashboard: Getting this on the decrease is a big player in improving customer satisfaction - so watch this like a hawk. (And hopefully you’ll have a much better processing time than our demo account ?)

  1. Stock take stats

Stock takes can be a nightmare to deal with. But Veeqo assigns monthly counting tasks to each of your warehouse team members. And your new Dashboard gives a real-time overview of how much each person has completed: So you can make sure all tasks are being completed and stay on top of stock takes with solid, reliable data.

  1. Purchase order snapshot (coming soon)

Once our new Veeqo Purchasing feature launches (coming very soon), you’ll also get a clear snapshot of all open purchase orders in your Dashboard. It shows all open orders as well as giving you a heads up on those due to be delivered today: And you’ll even get a figure on all products that are low in stock too: Meaning you see all the key highlights of your business’s purchasing right there when you login to Veeqo. The updated Dashboard should be live in your Veeqo account right now - so log in and take all the new features for a test drive.

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