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250 Ways We Improved Veeqo in 2018 (PLUS New Features Coming Very Soon...)

  • Written by Marc Girdlestone
250 Ways We Improved Veeqo in 2018 (PLUS New Features Coming Very Soon...)

I remember sitting with our Product team back in January and working on our roadmap of new features for the coming year.

Our plans were intentionally ambitious and while we didn't achieve everything we (and you) wanted to over the past 12 months - we still got a lot done.

The results?

Added functionality like new integrations, purchasing features and more innovative ways to handle the pick, pack and shipping experience.

At a high level, 2018 has seen us roll out…

  • 81 new features.

  • 13 new Beta releases.

  • 156 bug fixes.

All amounting to a whopping 250 updates.

Here’s a run through of some of the 2018 Veeqo product highlights (plus a taster of what big things to expect in 2019):

New features in 2018

The past year saw us release a total of 81 new features in Veeqo. Here’s a look at some of the most popular:

1) Batch picking

Our brand new batch picking feature was a big part of 2018 for us. This allowed Veeqo Retailers to pick multiple orders at once, while still staying 100% digital.

No more printing off paper invoices and picking lists - and no more human errors. Just fast, accurate picking every single time.

Key features:

  • Auto-create picking batches based on smart rules.

  • Automatically allocate batches to individual pickers.

  • Pick orders to piles or dedicated totes.

  • Auto-sort batches so pickers take the most optimal warehouse route.

  • View key performance stats on individual pickers.

2) Veeqo Pilot

Our new feature, Veeqo Pilot, is all about helping retailers automate as much of their operational workflows as possible - like choosing which carrier and service to use, or tagging certain orders.

This means being able to create smart rules that automatically take specific actions on new or updated orders based on a variety of conditions. So if 'x' happens, then automatically do 'y'.

You can create rules around:

  • Orders containing specific products in your catalogue.

  • Post/zip code or country of delivery address.

  • Order details like weight, price, sales channel, status and chosen delivery method.

For example, you could automatically tag orders over or under a certain total value. Or set a specific default shipping service to be used when delivery address contains certain post or zip codes:

Veeqo Pilot is actually still in Beta, and we're really excited about rolling it out to all our users very soon.

Take a look at this help guide for more detailed information.

3) Veeqo Purchasing

Our new Purchasing feature allows Veeqo Retailers to manage their entire purchasing process in one place - making buying from suppliers quick and easy.

Key features:

  • Manage all suppliers in one dedicated CRM.

  • Create and email supplier orders that your whole team can see.

  • Auto-populate purchase orders with items below their reorder threshold.

  • Track POs in one place and follow up on late deliveries.

  • Buy from suppliers anywhere in the world using any currency.

  • Book in new stock super quick with the Veeqo Scanner.

  • See what POs are overdue or have outstanding items.

For more info on Veeqo Purchasing, take a look at this blog post as well as this guide in our help section.

4) V-Print

Printing off a variety of documents every day can be a huge time waster in retail businesses.

But our V-Print tool removes a chunk of the leg work, and makes printing from Veeqo simple.

Key features:

  • Veeqo will remember preferred printers for specific documents, so your invoices are automatically sent to one printer while shipping labels go to another.

  • Send PDF files straight to print without needing to download each one to your computer.

  • Print your documents from anywhere with an internet connection.

There’s a full blog post about V-Print here, and a detailed help article here.

5) USB scales connection

Veeqo’s new USB scales connection makes calculating the weight of each shipment a whole lot easier.

Simply plug in your scales and Veeqo pulls in the exact weight of each package. Then even suggests the best shipping service for every order.

This saves time at the packing desk and makes sure you never get overcharged for shipping.

Take a look at the full blog post on our USB scales connection here, and the in-depth help guide here.

6) Partial re-shipping

You can now also re-ship specific items to customers from each order, rather than manually creating an entirely new one or sending the whole thing again.

Key features:

  • Select specific items from an order to re-ship.

  • Update the quantity of items being re-shipped.

  • Edit the shipping address to differ from original.

  • Record a reason that the re-ship took place.

All making it simple to rectify orders that were lost, partially damaged or sent to the wrong address. And getting customers back on your side much quicker.

Read more about how partial re-shipping works in this help guide.

7) Improved cycle stock take

We also released an updated version of Veeqo's stock take feature in 2018, specially made to work seamlessly on our Veeqo Scanner.

This included a brand new user-friendly interface as well as being much more robust and a lot faster to use.

For example, if you have multiple products/variants in the same bin location you can now switch scanning between items with a quick swipe:

Even more new features…

  1. DPD & DPD Local multi-parcel. Split DPD shipments into multiple packages inside Veeqo and print an additional shipping label for each one, giving you access to multi-parcel rates. See more here.

  2. Custom store icons. Easily identify each of your individual stores inside Veeqo by labelling them with a two character initial. See more here.

  3. All-new Veeqo Dashboard. A new look to the Veeqo Dashboard that gives an overview of all your key business metrics on a single screen. See more with this blog post.

  4. Sync your B2B operation to Veeqo. Offer customers bespoke wholesale pricing and discounts for any product via QuoteOnSite - then sync, manage and ship everything in Veeqo. See more with this blog post.

  5. Veeqo Alexa Skill. Check on sales performance, orders and inventory by asking an Amazon Alexa enabled device. See more with this blog post.

New shipping integrations

2018 also saw Veeqo launch five new shipping integrations. All allowing users to generate and print labels from inside our software.

The new carriers are:

These are all currently in Beta, but will be fully released shortly. Take a look at all our other shipping integrations here.

Want to know what all the 250 updates were? Check out our changelog, which is updated daily.

New marketplace and ecommerce integrations

On top of the new shipping carriers, we also set up six new store integrations. Giving Veeqo Retailers even more channels to generate sales on.

These include:

Meaning you can sync inventory across any and all of these stores, then manage and ship every order directly inside Veeqo. Just like with all our other store integrations.

What to expect for 2019

You can expect A LOT from Veeqo in 2019.

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear on things that are really important to you. Things like:

  • User permissions;

  • merging orders;

  • and making what we’ve got even better, rather than just focusing on lots of new features.

How are we going to do this? In 2019 we'll double the size of our Product team. Our plan is to hire an additional 14 people at the start of 2019 to help us achieve our goals building on the Veeqo platform next year.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

  • Returns Management. Track and manage return requests from customers, approve/decline and see status of all returns.

  • Veeqo Wholesale. Manage your entire wholesale B2B operation inside Veeqo alongside your standard retail setup.

  • Bulk shipping. Ship orders in bulk using any of our carrier integrations, not just the select few currently available.

  • Pilot. Automate more tasks by creating smart order rules. Like emailing customers a PDF invoice, choosing which invoice design to use, which shipping carrier & service to use and more.

  • User permissions. Protect your vital data by limiting certain users to only access specific features.

  • Better stock history. Provide more in depth and better data for inventory changes.

  • Merge orders. Bring multiple orders together into one for easier shipping and management.

  • Shipment tracking. See real-time status of each customer parcel in Veeqo and auto email/SMS them when it changes.

  • Return labels. Auto email customers returning items a shipping label, and choose if they pay or you pay.

  • Marketplace integrations. Google Shopping, Jet.com, Walmart and Farfetch.

  • Warehouse transfer. Move stock between your different warehouses.

  • Inventory forecast report. Forecast your inventory requirements for upcoming periods based on previous sales data.

  • Advanced order search. More options and control in the way you search for orders in Veeqo.

  • Shipping integrations. Direct shipping integrations with ParcelForce, Yodel, FedEx SmartPost, APC & DHL Global.

These are just a few tasters of what's on the menu for Veeqo in 2019. But there'll be plenty more updates on top of these as the year progresses.

If you're already a Veeqo Retailer, you can keep up to date with what we're working on right now by logging into your account and selecting 'Product Roadmap' right at the very bottom:

Got an idea for a new Veeqo feature? Just head to the Product Roadmap and select the green 'Make a Suggestion' button at the top:

Not using Veeqo yet? Book a product demo now to discover how the world’s fastest-growing retail brands are using our platform to sell and ship to customers everywhere.

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Written by Marc Girdlestone

Product Manager at Veeqo. Obsessed with gadgets, gizmos and thingymajigs. I mostly write about new updates to the Veeqo software.

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