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Walrus Apparel

"Veeqo is a shipping software Swiss army knife for Amazon Sellers"

As a brand owner and director of multiple other online businesses, and the director of an Amazon agency, it could be difficult for me to handle numerous fulfilment options, sales reporting and inventory management all at once, but Veeqo makes it easy, and it's free.

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Huw Morgan, Amazon Seller, Walrus Apparel

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Shipping and order management for all your stores

Manage your multichannel orders

Effortlessly manage orders across Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and more as they come in.

Live parcel tracking and returns management

Update sales channels with tracking info and send out confirmation emails on autopilot. Plus handle all your returns without a spreadsheet or email thread in sight.

Scan and pack faster, error free

We’ve moved up to 99.89% picking accuracy with Veeqo" - Ops Manager Abby Render, Amazon Seller, Indigo Herbs. Make order picking faster for all your warehouse teams in every location.

Powerful inventory tools, built for scale

Multichannel inventory control

Your stock levels automatically update across all your stores as orders come in. Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to inventory control.

Inventory analytics and demand forecasting

See all your sales data from everywhere you sell to make planning, purchasing, and forecasting demand easy.

Track inventory across all locations

Transfer, track and book stock where you need it, when you need it. Cut the time it takes to manage your inventory across all your locations.

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"I have used ShipStation.... the capability of Veeqo far outperformed anything I had used in the past"

I originally stumbled upon Veeqo in search of a better multi-channel solution for handling a large SKU database but not ready for a hand tailored warehouse management system. I have used SellerChamp, Ecomdash and ShipStation in the past and still didn’t have quite the automation I was looking for. When I watched the scanner demo video on youtube I realized the capability of Veeqo far outperformed anything I had used in the past.

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Corbin, River Valley Gems | January 26, 2023 |

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Effortless inventory control.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Jem Skelding, founder of Naissance

"Working with Amazon and Veeqo has really helped our business grow"

Amazon’s global sales platform and Veeqo’s shipping and inventory tools make it possible for us to create products that are then exported to customers around the world.

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Jem Skelding, Amazon Seller, Naissance

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Scalable shipping software that will grow with you

Our software helps sellers with over 150 different warehouse teams to pick, pack and ship with orders faster, with lower costs.

Powerful inventory tools integrate right into your warehouse to prevent sell outs, forecast demand accurately, automate repetitive tasks and sync inventory across marketplaces and warehouses locations.

Veeqo is built for scale, but without the price tag you'd expect.

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