Choosing the Best Shipping Company

Choosing the best shipping company for your retail or ecommerce business’ order fulfillment needs can be a tough task.

There are a range of carriers all around the world, each with their own concentrated domestic delivery networks and international shipping options.

Popular carriers

  • Royal Mail. The national postal service of the UK and one of the most popular domestic and international shipping providers there for both business and personal use. See Royal Mail services.

  • USPS. The national postal service of the USA and is the only carrier to include every domestic US address in its network. See USPS services.

  • UPS. One of the world’s largest package delivery companies with a global network that benefits both individuals and businesses. See UPS services.

  • DHL. Another large scale logistics company that’s present in over 220 countries worldwide providing express mail and parcel delivery. See DHL services.

  • FedEx. A leader in transportation and logistics offering fast and reliable mail and parcel delivery all around the world. See FedEx services.

  • Canada Post. The national postal provider in Canada shipping all across the nation and internationally as their primary delivery service.

  • DPD. One of the UK's leading time-critical carriers with a quality domestic and international network and strong technology systems to provide seamless service.

  • DX. Specialising in providing a wide-range of reliable and speedy delivery services within the UK and Ireland.

  • UK Mail. Another specialist in UK-only delivery of parcels and mail now with access to DHL’s global network.

  • Hermes. A UK-based company specialising in affordable parcel delivery mainly in the UK and Europe through its HermesWorld and myHermes brands.

  • Yodel. Deliver to every postcode in the UK as well as Ireland and the Channel Islands from more than 60 sites nationwide.

  • Asendia. A world-leading international ecommerce and mail shipping provider offering a diverse range of cross-border services for business and commerce.

  • Australia Post. The national postal service of Australia and one of the most popular domestic and international shipping providers there for both business and personal use.

Choosing a shipping company

With all these (and more) options available, choosing the best shipping company for your business needs can be confusing. Here are a few critical things to consider:

  • Weight. The weight of your typical package can be a big determining factor as some couriers will specialise in lightweight or heavy duty delivery.

  • Speed. Quicker shipping speeds as standard can be a huge competitive advantage in many ecommerce industries, niches and marketplaces.

  • Destination. Using either a global or specialist local courier may be beneficial depending on whether you’re shipping short, long or international distances.

  • Tracking. Choosing a courier that provides a quality parcel tracking experience can be crucial for retailers where brand reputation is of high importance.

  • Track record. It’s no good choosing the cheapest option if their track record and reviews suggest they have a history of poor service.

  • Specialist items. Shipping large, fragile or other specialist items may require a specific courier or service to be used.

  • Your operation. The best shipping company for your business will be aligned with your operation in terms of collection times, your warehouse location, etc.

Some ecommerce businesses prefer to stick with one shipping provider, while others want to be able to select from several options. Whichever you choose, it’s also important to ensure that they all integrate with any shipping software used in your operation.

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