8 Amazing Tools to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Written by Lea Haagen
8 Amazing Tools to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Recently, we looked at some of the reasons why your customers might be abandoning their shopping carts. Now, we're going to look at 8 amazing tools that will help you turn shopping cart abandonment into a thing of the past. Hopefully, you’ll already have seen some improvements from putting the recommendations from our previous post into practice. But what if you want to do even more to help your business grow?

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Well, the good news is, you can expect more help today than ever! A wealth of talented developers have created innovative tools to help you maximise your conversion rates and secure more purchases from prospects. Knowing which is better than the next can be tricky though, so we’ve shortlisted 8 of the best cart abandonment tools for you. These tools will either help to stop customers abandoning their carts in the first instance, or bring them back to complete the transaction.

1. AdRoll

Best for... Retargeting

AdRoll is one of the most popular ecommerce retargeting tools available today (used by more than 35,000 advertisers across the globe), and works on various fronts to boost your sales. Basically, AdRoll has access to more than 500 ad exchanges, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

It uses cross-device connections to retarget those prospects that visited you via their desktop on their mobile, and vice versa.

It has fostered relationships with the leading mobile-analytics teams, and the ads themselves are of an exceptional quality. AdRoll ads are crafted to suit your prospects’ preferences and your brand in equal measure. You can also try their SendRoll feature, which sends bespoke emails to customers based on their online behaviour. AdRoll is designed for today’s mobile-first users, marketing your brand across any app, browser, mobile site, or desktop domain. It basically ensures you’re represented on all fronts. AdRoll also offers a comprehensive analytics service, so you can track your ads’ performance and tweak your ongoing campaigns to be more efficient. You also have access to AdRoll’s BidIQ – a bidding algorithm which runs in real-time, helping you to secure ads with the best placement at your ideal price.


Prices for AdRoll packages vary dependent on the number of monthly visitors you attract.

  • For between 10k and 25k visitors, you’ll pay around £755.
  • For 100k to 2000k, expect to pay around £5,660.
  • Reeling in more than 200k per month? You’ll receive a bespoke quote.

AdRoll is a powerful retargeting tool that can help you capture prospects’ attention and bring them back to your site, with impressive personalisation across your ads.

2. CrazyEgg

Best for... Website optimisation (heat maps)

CrazyEgg describes itself as being ‘like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website’. If that doesn’t grab your attention, what will? This uses heatmaps (which look as impressive as they sound) to display areas of activity on your site, showing where visitors have clicked or investigated. This is ideal for helping you recognise which portions of each page grab attention better than others, as well as those which largely go unnoticed. You can also use the heatmaps to analyse how far your visitors are scrolling along a page, showing how engaging your designs are. You can use CrazyEgg to make your website as compelling as possible, minimising the risk of users growing bored or dissatisfied enough to abandon their shopping cart. You can also use this on the checkout page itself, to make sure visitors are seeing all relevant information and none is getting missed.


You can try CrazyEgg for 30 days free, or you can pay for one of the four packages. The most basic is just around £7 per month, while the most advanced is around £150 per month.

3. Rejoiner

Best for... Shopping cart abandonment emails

Email marketing is obviously a major part of retargeting and engaging customers. Rejoiner is designed to monitor your prospects’ buying behaviour and understand how best to reach out to them via email. All emails sent on your brand’s behalf will represent your company exactly how you would like to appear to your target demographic. Rejoiner allows you to select the number of days an email should be sent after a potential customer has abandoned their cart, and enables you to leave your campaign to operate independently with A/B testing; reports are created to assess which emails generate more revenue. You can then choose which approach works best and focus on this instead.

Funnel tracking, frequency capping (to prevent frustration on your customers’ end), custom email templates, and analytics are all included. You can download Rejoiner as a plugin for your ecommerce site, and set it up in minutes.


Rejoiner is available in a number of packages, with the most basic priced at around £755 per month. This also includes campaigns for wishlist abandonments and browse abandonments, but tracks only one site. You can upgrade to the second tier (for around £1,510), or add extras, to manage multiple websites.

Personalised emails can make a huge difference to your customer-retargeting campaigns, and engage them enough to bring them back to your site. Rejoiner’s a great tool that can work for every brand.

4. YotPo

Best for... Customer reviews & social proof

Trust is absolutely critical to build, and maintain, a solid ecommerce business. Today’s buyers are savvier than ever – we’re all much more adept at recognising a dubious website when we see one, and review sites have made finding reputable retailers far easier. YotPo is a terrific social app which allows you to collect reviews and present them on your site; you can also prompt customers to review your brand on Facebook and Twitter. Presenting testimonials from satisfied buyers on your site eliminates the need for prospects to go in search of reviews (thus leaving your site), and reinforces your reliability. YotPo also allows you to send emails to customers after a set number of days (your choice) following a purchase, asking them to review your brand’s performance. You can incentivise them with discounts, if you wish.


You can try YotPo Lite for free, though this is the tool at its most basic. Other packages are available (by quote only). It’s generally a cost-effective tool, and helps you to build a visible community of satisfied customers to help boost conversions.

5. Conversions on Demand

Best for... Conversions

Conversions On Demand provides a suite of user-friendly applications to help ecommerce businesses boost conversions. The site claims ‘years of testing and data analysis’ are behind the product, and they aim to help even the smallest retailer compete with the biggest on an even playing field. One of the most impressive, strongest tools they offer is the Cart CloserTM, which combats cart abandonment by presenting offers to customers just as they are about to leave. This allows you to build offers specific to your preferred marketing channels (to benefit email, social, and PPC campaigns). You can also target offers to certain products, and schedule your offers to tie-in with previous behaviour (encouraging repeat sales). Time2Buy is designed to motivate shoppers unlikely to make a purchase, as well as leave those likely to buy a product undisturbed. It tracks shoppers’ activity as they browse, and displays a time-sensitive offer (which they claim makes unlikely purchasers over 25% more likely to buy). Cart Reminder displays targeted reminders to returning visitors with products left in their cart, with a link directing them to it. Email Booster is a widget that helps you improve your email marketing, while the Daily Deal BarTM presents returning shoppers with a selection of special offers.


As you can see, Conversions On Demand has plenty of potential, and is well worth a try. All of these have free 30-day trials, and you only pay for results & usage (usually a low percentage, such as 3% or 5%). This is an unusual model, but means you’re not paying for something you’ll never use.

6. CartRescuer

Best for... Email, pop-up offers & reviews

CartRescuer combines three distinct services. It's designed to deal with:

  • abandoned carts,
  • provide pop-up offers, and
  • present surveys in one package.

When a shopper walks away from their cart with products remaining inside it, CartRescuer sends an email with a special offer to come back to the site (such as free shipping). Pop-up offers use real-time behaviour-monitoring to display personalised offers and deals that incentivise shoppers to stay on the site. Surveys provide users with a chance to share their opinion, and allow you to offer deals in exchange for their time, encouraging them to complete transactions. Built-in analytics software lets you assess your performance and follow your improved conversions.


CartRescuer offers a 15 day free trial, and four different packages (starting from around £38 for the most basic, to around £300 for the most advanced).

7. Olark

Best for... Live chat

Live chat is an essential aspect of customer service today. It’s faster and more efficient than waiting for an email response, but cheaper (and possibly less frustrating) than making phone calls. Olark is a live chat app used by over 12,000 businesses across the globe, providing customers with engaging support. You can use this to gather invaluable customer feedback to help improve your site and products, and there are advanced features like real-time reporting, automated messages, and team management. Adding Olark’s live chat to your site can give your customers a quick, easy way to ask questions in-page, without having to conduct research elsewhere. You can also analyse discussions, create mailing lists, and integrate Olark with various platforms.


Olark is incredibly cost-effective, with monthly payments of around £12.90 per agent, annual payments of around £11.40 per agent per month, or every two years at around £9 per agent.

8. Clicktale

Best for... Website optimisation (experience analytics)

Clicktale is a fantastic tool that can help you see your website from a whole new perspective – the customer’s. Clicktale gives you the power to relive shoppers’ experience as they browse and buy, measuring movements and keystrokes. You can watch a recording of your users’ screen to identify which areas they might find unclear, frustrating, or too complex. Recordings can be viewed by dates, and you can check referrer URLs’ impact on users’ behaviour. You may also filter data by country, browser, platform, time zone, and more. By exploring your customers’ browsing and buying processes, you can refine your site to produce a more satisfying user-experience. As a result, you’ll be able to identify and resolve any issues which may lead to abandoned shopping carts.


Pricing is based on the number of recordings you want to make. A free trial allows you up to 400, while 1,200 is around £7. Business subscriptions vary, from £150 onwards.

BONUS: Api2Cart

If you want to build an automated SaaS solution for preventing cart abandonment, you may discover that API2Cart is a perfect match for your plans. It integrates with 35+ shopping carts including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion and many others. You can connect to all of them, using just one API, so there is no need to develop multiple API integrations.  

Summing up...

Each of these tools has the power to help you improve your website, boost engagement, retarget customers, or simply explore behaviour-data to identify potential reasons for abandoned shopping carts. Though each is different, they can contribute to greater conversions and a stronger customer base for years to come.

Have you tried any of these tools? If so, what do you think? Enter your comments below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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