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Inventory Shrinkage: 8 Must-Know Strategies to Protect Your Stock

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd April 2020

Inventory shrinkage strategies

Inventory shrinkage could be slowly eating away at your profits without you even realising. And you have to get a handle on this before it costs your business big money. But before you can take action against inventory shrinkage, you need to know what it is and how you can avoid it. So, let’s start […]

Coronavirus Covid-19 sales header

9 Ethical Ideas to Drive Ecommerce Sales During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Mike Glover • 1st April 2020

COVID-19 doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. The outbreak is causing havoc for ecommerce retailers at the moment. Some struggling to source inventory, some desperate for an FBA alternative after Amazon’s delivery embargo, and some just seeing sales fall off a cliff altogether. But people are still buying goods online. So we thought we’d […]

March 2020 Product Update: What’s New in Veeqo Over the Past Month?

Written by Jade Gould • 25th March 2020

Our inventory and shipping features are currently going through their largest ever change. And last month, we made big progress on Veeqo’s order, product and shipping screens. But that’s not all: our DHL integration and Android app have had an upgrade too! So let’s take a look at what’s been happening in Veeqo over the […]

Coronavirus warehouse tips

5 Ways to Limit Coronavirus Spread in Your Ecommerce Warehouse

Written by Matt Warren • 24th March 2020

The UK is in lockdown and non-essential retail stores now closed. But ecommerce companies can stay open and UK shipping carriers will keep on delivering. The BBC reports that the UK government is advising that “businesses will still be able to take online orders and deliver items to people’s homes”. Through Veeqo, we’ve seen online […]

UK Coronavirus Lockdown: What it Means for Ecommerce

Written by Duncan La Barre •

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that it is vital everyone “stays at home” to help limit the spread of coronavirus in the UK. But what does that mean for ecommerce? Can online retailers continue to operate? Are UK shipping carriers still delivering? And how long will a shutdown be enforced? With the […]

Amazon FBA alternatives

Top 3 Amazon FBA Alternatives For Ecommerce Retailers

Written by Mike Glover • 20th March 2020

COVID-19 is causing unprecedented chaos all around the world. And Amazon’s FBA service is not immune. The retail giant recently suspended all “non-essential” deliveries to its warehouses in order to prioritise medical supplies and household staples. But this has effectively caused a plethora of third-party sellers to temporarily cease trading until either: Amazon lifts its […]

customer support hacks

7 Customer Support Hacks to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Written by Mercer Smith-Looper • 17th March 2020

Providing quality support for your current customers can have a serious impact on your bottom line. In fact: According to Bain & Co research, the lifetime value of a customer experience promoter is six to 14 times higher than that of a detractor. Meaning it’s very much in your best interests to offer excellent customer […]

Customer retention ideas

3 Customer Retention Ideas Used By Top D2C Brands to Drive More Repeat Sales

Written by Kerstin Reichert • 24th February 2020

Acquiring customers is crucial. But keeping them sticking around to make more purchases is where the real profits lie. The data backs it up too: Harvard Business School found that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% to 95%. National Law review found it costs 5x more to acquire a […]

Pop up shop ideas

Pop Up Shop Ideas: How These 7 Ecommerce Brands Are Making “Real-World” Retail Sales

Written by Mike Glover • 19th February 2020

Pop up shops are a killer way to bring your ecommerce brand out from behind the screen and into the real world. Online-only companies can take advantage of this growing trend to: Build brand awareness; turn customers into super fans; and make real-world sales. Sound daunting? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. This […]

February 2020 Product Update: What’s New in Veeqo Over the Past Month?

Written by Jade Gould • 10th February 2020

The product team at Veeqo really hit the ground running in January. With 2020 looking to be our most ambitious year yet, we spent the last month ramping up our biggest features and improvements being released later on in the year. But that’s not all we worked on… Each month we are continuously releasing new […]