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Ecommerce Conferences 2018: Every Date You Need to Know

  • Written by Mike Glover
Ecommerce Conferences 2018: Every Date You Need to Know

Note: Our ecommerce conferences 2020 calendar is now available here. Growing an ecommerce business in 2018 means you have to be ahead of the game. Using last year’s marketing ideas and old-hat fulfilment methods is guaranteed to see you fall behind your competitors. And the longer you stagnate, the harder it is to catch up. But attending the latest ecommerce conferences and events is a superb way to learn from speakers at the very forefront of the industry. That’s why we put together a complete directory of all the best ecommerce conferences in 2018. The list covers events in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and all over the world - so you’ll find something for you wherever you’re located. Download the handy PDF below and then use the direct links in our list further down to book your place at any of the events.

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Click here to download a PDF of the best ecommerce conferences in 2018.

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The Best Ecommerce Conferences in 2018

Any retail or ecommerce conference will likely provide a few golden nuggets for you to take home and action. At least a shot of motivation or a new idea to try and implement. But there are a handful of events that tend to stand out as the biggest. The leaders you can’t miss and are possibly worth travelling a decent distance for. Here’s a list of what we think these are and links to each website:

NRF Retail’s Big Show

January 14-16th (New York City, NY) | More information

Traffic & Conversion Summit

February 26-28th (San Diego, CA) | More information

eTail Conferences

Palm Springs Feb 26-Mar 1| Berlin Mar 13-14 | Toronto May 15-17 | London Jun 19-21 | Boston Aug 6-9 | Copenhagen Oct 2-3

Retail Week Live

March 7-8th (London, UK) | More information

Dx3 Canada

March 7-8th (Toronto, Canada) | More information


March 18-21st (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

Ecommerce Innovation Summit

March 20-21st (San Francisco, CA) | More information

Internet Retailing Expo

March 21-22nd (Birmingham, UK) | More information

Magento Imagine & MagentoLive Europe

Magento Imagine Apr 23-25th (Las Vegas, NV) | Magento Live Oct 9-10th (Barcelona)

Retail Global

May 23-25th (Gold Coast, Australia) | Oct 9-10th (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

All Ecommerce Conferences in 2018

Of course, there are a lot more retail and ecommerce conferences taking place in 2018 than just the ones above. Here’s a list of all the others events and industry specific shows happening throughout the year (click the link to go through to each website):


11-13 | Ecommerce Fuel Live (Laguna Beach, CA) 14-16 | NRF Retail’s Big Show (New York City, NY) 14-16 | Spring/Summer Top Drawer (London, UK) 23-25 | The Toy Fair (London, UK) 30 | The Delivery Conference (London, UK) 31-Feb 1 | Mobile Shopping Conference 2018 (London, UK)


3-7 | NY Now (New York City, NY) 4-8 | UK Spring Fair (Birmingham, UK) 7 | Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (Los Angeles, CA) 7 | Omnichannel Retail Summit (London, UK) 8-10 | Panama GB Summit (Panama City) 11-13 | Pure London Fashion (London, UK) 15 | Ecommerce Berlin Expo (Berlin, GER) (UPDATE: 2019 date now confirmed as Feb 20th) 18-20 | Moda UK (Birmingham, UK) 21 | IMRG Fashion Connect (London, UK) 25-28 | Retail Supply Chain Conference (Phoenix, AZ) 26-28 | Traffic & Conversion Summit (San Diego, CA) 26-28 | Retail Fulfilment Summit (Melbourne, AUS) 27-28 | IntraLogisteX (Coventry, UK) 26-Mar 1 | eTail West (Palm Springs, CA)


1-2 | Savant Ecommerce Congress Berlin (Berlin, GER) 7-8 | Dx3 Canada (Toronto, CAN) 7-8 | Retail Week Live (London, UK) 11-13 | Just One Dime Summit (Las Vegas, NV) 11-14 | ASD Market Week (Las Vegas, NV) 13-14 | eTail Germany (Berlin, GER) 13-14 | Prosper Show 2018 (Las Vegas, NV) 15 | Emerce eRetail (Bussum, NED) 18-21 | Shoptalk (Las Vegas, NV) 20-21 | Ecommerce Innovation Summit (San Francisco, CA) 21-22 | Internet Retailing Expo (Birmingham, UK) 21-22 | eDelivery Expo (Birmingham, UK)


3-5 | Ecommerce Operations Summit (Columbus, OH) 17 | Ecommerce Expo Ireland (Dublin, IRE) 17-19 | World Retail Congress (Madrid, SPA) 19-20 | Global Retailing Conference (Tucson, AZ) 23-25 | Magento Imagine 2018 (Las Vegas, NV)


1-2 | Retail Innovation Conference (New York City, NY) 2-3 | Retail Business Technology Expo (London, UK) 3-5 | 2018 Sellers Summit (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 10 | BIRA Conference & Awards (Hinckley, UK) 14-16 | MRC Dublin 2018 (Dublin, IRE) 15-17 | eTail Canada (Toronto, CAN) 16-17 | The Great British Business Show (London, UK) 23-25 | Retail Global Gold Coast (Queensland, AUS) 30 | Emerce Ecommerce Live! (Amsterdam, NED)


5 | Retail Customer Engagement Summit (London, UK) 5-8 | Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (Chicago, IL) 14 | Emerce B2B Online (Utrecht, NED) 19-21 | eTail Europe (London, UK) TBC | Global Ecommerce Summit (Barcelona, SPA)


3-4 | K5 Future Retail Conference (Berlin, GER) 3-5 | Outdoor Trade Show (Manchester, UK) 25-26 | Online Retailer Conference & Expo (Sydney, AUS) 25-26 | CommerceNext (New York City, NY)


6-9 | eTail East (Boston, MA)


2-5 | UK Autumn Fair (Birmingham, UK) 9-11 | Autumn/Winter Top Drawer (London, UK) 10-12 | Paris Retail Week (Paris, FRA) 12-14 | ROI Revolution Summit (Raleigh, NC) 12-14 | (Las Vegas, NV) 19-20 | eTail Delivery (Amsterdam, NED) 26-27 | Ecommerce Expo (London, UK)


2-3 | eTail Nordic (Copenhagen, DEN) 3 | Retail Human Resources Summit (London, UK) 3-4 | PayExpo Europe (London, UK) 9-10 | MagentoLive Europe (Barcelona, SPA) 9-10 | Manhattan Exchange (Amsterdam, NED) 9-11 | Retail Global (Las Vegas, NV) 10 | eRetail Europe (Amsterdam, NED)


8-9 | nopCommerce Days 2018 (Las Vegas, NV) 14-15 | Retail World Berlin (Berlin, GER) Not much tends to happen after October when it comes to finding an ecommerce event. Presumably this is down to the small matter of retailers needing to focus on maximising those Black Friday sales and making the most of the holiday period. But the first 10 months of the year provide a multitude of opportunity to find at least one ecommerce conference to suit you - and you won’t regret it. Did we miss out any major ecommerce conferences in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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