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Ecommerce Conferences 2019: 78+ Events to Level Up Your Retail Business

  • Written by Mike Glover
Ecommerce Conferences 2019: 78+ Events to Level Up Your Retail Business

Note: Our ecommerce conferences 2020 calendar is now available here. If you’re not on top of the latest ecommerce trends then your business will fail. The industry moves rapidly. And sticking with last year’s ideas is guaranteed to see you quickly fall behind competitors. That’s why we put together a complete list of all the best ecommerce conferences in 2019 - including events in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and all over the world. All giving you a chance to learn the latest strategies from speakers at the very forefront of retail. Here’s what we’ve included in the post below:

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Best ecommerce conferences 2019

Retailers will likely find any of the events in our directory useful. Each one is a chance to learn something new and spark new connections in the industry. But there are some conferences that stand out above the rest. And provide so much value they could be worth travelling a decent distance to. So here’s a list of what we think are the world’s must-attend ecommerce conferences in 2019:

1) NRF Retail’s Big Show

January 13th-15th (New York City, NY) | More information

Retail’s Big Show is one of the biggest retail conference events out there - attracting almost 40,000 industry professionals last year. There’s always a vast range of speakers, from both big-name companies and promising startups. It’s easily one of the best events for gaining insight on the latest trends in both brick-and-mortar and online retail.

2) Traffic & Conversion Summit

February 25th-27th (San Diego, CA) | More information

Traffic & Conversion Summit is more focused on digital marketing, rather than specifically being an ecommerce conference. But it's still highly relevant to online retailers. It's a phenomenal event for getting on top of what's actually working right now in online marketing.

3) eTail Conferences

Palm Springs Feb 19-22 | Asia Mar 5-7 | Berlin Mar 7-8 | Toronto May 7-9 | London Jun 18-19 | Boston Aug 19-22 | Copenhagen Oct 2-3 eTail conferences are huge and appear annually in several locations across the globe - attracting thousands of fellow retailers. Speakers include some of the brightest minds in the industry from big names like Amazon and Kohl's as well as trailblazing new brands like Dollar Shave Club and Bombas. All making eTail conferences one of the hottest events for the latest ecommerce and omnichannel trends.

4) Dx3 Canada

March 6th-7th (Toronto, Canada) | More information Dx3 is Canada's largest event on this list, seeing almost 4,000 attendees in 2018 with over 40 speakers and 50+ exhibitors. It places huge emphasis on both marketing and technology in retail. Meaning it's a great place for both new and established brands to find the latest trends and innovations affecting the industry.

5) Retail Week Live

March 27th-28th (London, UK) | More information Retail Week Live is one of the UK's hottest commerce events. Set in London, it's 48 hours packed full of quality speakers and workshops on how to thrive in today's retail environment. If you're in or around the UK, this is definitely one you don't want to miss.

6) Shoptalk

March 3rd-6th (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

Shoptalk market themselves as "retail's biggest show" - and it's not hard to see why. 8,000+ people each year attend to see a 'star-studded' list of speakers and participate in a conversation about the current and future state of retail. The four-day event focuses on the ongoing transformation of retail and evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy in a digital age.  So it's a great place for retailers wanting to stay on the cusp of the industry's latest developments.

7) Internet Retailing Expo

April 3rd-4th (Birmingham, UK) | More information

Over 5,000 attendees each year make Internet Retailing Expo one of the UK's most anticipated retail events. There's a huge combination of speakers and exhibitors - all placing a heavy focus on delivering the latest multichannel strategies. And it's also hosted alongside the eDelivery Expo, which takes on more of a supply chain focus.

8) Retail Global

May 29th-31st (Gold Coast, Aus) | Date TBC (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

Retail Global is another great annual ecommerce conference. This time with one simple focus - helping retailers sell more. As usual, there are some great speakers lined up from large industry names for both the Las Vegas and Australia events. But the tight focus on actionable content means retailers attribute an average 17.5% revenue increase as a direct result of attending.

Full ecommerce conferences 2019 list

Of course, there are plenty more ecommerce conferences in 2019 taking place around the world. Here's a list of all the ecommerce and retail events taking place throughout the year:


13-15 NRF Retail’s Big Show | New York City, NY 24-25 AI Masters | Berlin, Germany 30-31 West Coast Ecommerce Summit | Los Angeles, CA


3-6 NY Now | New York City, NY 6-7 Rewise | Online Conference 7-8 Ecommerce Fair: Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan 7-9 Panama GB Summit | Panama City, Panama 13 Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum | Los Angeles, CA 14 Future of Retail & Ecommerce | Paris, France 17-19 Moda UK | Birmingham, UK 19-22 eTail West | Palm Springs, CA 20 Ecommerce Berlin Expo | Berlin, Germany 24-27 Retail Supply Chain Conference | Orlando, FL 25-27 Traffic & Conversion Summit | San Diego, CA 26 The Delivery Conference | London, UK 26-27 Retail Fulfilment Summit | Melbourne, Australia 26-27 IntraLogisteX | Coventry, UK 27-28 eTail Connect Spring | London, UK


3-6 Shoptalk | Las Vegas, NV 5-7 eTail Asia | Singapore 6 Omnichannel Futures Conference | London, UK 6 UK Ecommerce Awards | London, UK 6-7 DX3 Canada | Toronto, Canada 7-8 eTail Germany | Berlin, Germany 12-13 Internet World Expo | Munich, Germany 14 Emerce Retail | Bussum, Netherlands 14 Retail Without Borders | London, UK 15 eCOM360 | Riga, Latvia 17-19 Prosper Show 2019 | Las Vegas, NV 17-20 ASD Market Week | Las Vegas, NV 19-20 Ecommerce Africa | Cape Town, South Africa 20-21 Ecommerce Innovation Summit | San Francisco, CA 19-21 One to One Retail Ecommerce | Monaco 27-28 Retail Week Live | London, UK 29 Ecommerce Summit | Brussels, Belgium


2-3 Future Retail Festival | New York City, NY 3-4 Internet Retailing Expo | Birmingham, UK 3-4 eDelivery Expo | Birmingham, UK 3-4 Northeast Ecommerce Summit | Atlantic City, NJ 4-5 Global Retailing Conference | Tucson, AZ 9-11 Ecommerce Operations Summit | Columbus, OH 17-18 HIDA Ecommerce Conference | Orlando, FL 29-May 1 Digiday Retail Summit | Austin, TX


1-2 Retail Business Tech Expo | London, UK 3 merchantday 2019 | Hannnover, Germany 6-8 Retail Innovation Conference | New York City, NY 7-9 eTail Canada | Toronto, Canada 13-15 Magento Imagine | Las Vegas, NV 14-16 World Retail Congress | Amsterdam, Netherlands 15-16 The Great British Business Show | London, UK 15-17 Sellers Summit 2019 | Miami, FL 17 Ecommerce Day | Cologne, Germany 20-21 Global Ecommerce Summit 2019 | Barcelona, Spain 21-23 Future Stores 2019 | London, UK 22 Digital Commerce Award | Zurich, Switzerland 29-31 Retail Global: Gold Coast | Gold Coast, Australia


4-5 K5 Future Retail Conference | Berlin, Germany 5 Retail Customer Engagement Conference | London, UK 18-19 eTail Europe | London, UK 25-28 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition | Chicago, IL 26 Emerce Ecommerce Live! | Amsterdam, Netherlands


16-18 Digital Food & Beverage | Chicago, IL 24-25 Online Retailer Sydney | Sydney, Australia 31-Aug 1 CommerceNext 2019 | New York City, NY


19-22 eTail East | Boston, MA


24-26 Paris Retail Week | Paris, France 25-26 Ecommerce Expo | London, UK 25-26 Klaviyo:BOS | Boston, MA


2-3 eTail Nordic | Copenhagen, Denmark 7-9 Manhattan Exchange | Barcelona, Spain 8 Retail HR Summit | London, UK 8-9 PayExpo Europe | London, UK 8-9 Midwest Ecommerce Summit | Chicago, IL 9-10 Emerce Retail Europe | Amsterdam, Netherlands 16 AI in Retail Conference | London, UK 22-23 Magento Live Europe | Amsterdam, Netherlands TBC Retail Global | Las Vegas, NV


5-6 Texas Ecommerce Summit | Dallas, TX 20-21 Retail World Berlin | Berlin, Germany 8-9 nopCommerce Days | Las Vegas, NV And that's about all the major dates and ecommerce conferences 2019 we can find. Make sure to get in touch if you think we've missed any out. Did you attend any of these events recently? Let us know how you found it in the comments below.

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