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How Royal Mail Click & Drop can benefit eBay sellers

  • Written by Richard Protheroe
How Royal Mail Click & Drop can benefit eBay sellers

At the turn of the year Royal Mail Click & Drop was announced to coincide with the increasing popularity of online selling. The service, which at the time is primarily for eBay, allows sellers to link their seller account with Royal Mail and create, buy and print instant postage labels. Furthermore, on 30th July Royal Mail announced that Click & Drop would include international services such as international signed, tracked & signed and standard for UK sellers to send to over 200 countries. The reasoning behind this was on the back of research from Royal Mail that identified that 65% of UK SME online retailers intended to increase international sales in 2015. In the same poll the year previous, the figure was just 39%. [bctt tweet="65% of UK SME online retailers intend to increase international sales in 2015"]

How do I link my eBay account to Royal Mail?

In just a few simple steps you’ll have the two accounts linked and you’ll be seamlessly pulling in the information from your sold eBay listings. Initially you have two options ‘Buy postage quickly’ and ‘Regular eBay seller’. Royal Mail’s Click & Drop service caters for both one off sellers and regular eBay sellers. One off users won’t have to worry about the hassle of handwriting labels and won’t need to register either. Regular eBay sellers just need to register their name and contact details. For one-off users you would simply fill out the steps below and then print the label online. You have a choice to pay via paypal or debit card. For regular eBay sellers, once you have entered contact details and confirmed your email address, you will prompting with this, simply click ‘connect’. You will be redirected to eBay, but don’t worry, no sensitive information, such as passwords will be traded here. Once you have linked the two, the items will start appearing in Royal Mail. In your instance all the fields will be filled out (we created a dummy account to show it in action). The three buttons on the right hand side allow you to pay, print and cancel the order. Selecting pay, will allow you to select compensation, delivery option and speed. Once you have completed this you will, as was the case with one-off users, be able to pay via paypal or debit card.

What’s the benefits of using Royal Mail’s Click & Drop?

The benefits of using the Royal Mail over a courier is very evident in the first place. Our results at Veeqo show that 85% of shipments from our users, over the last 2 months, were made via Royal Mail. They charge a fixed amount for sending items throughout the UK and their prices, especially for smaller parcels and letters are unmatched. With Click & Drop you have the ability to print up to 5 labels at a time, speeding up your packaging process, which will invariably have a positive effect on your seller reputation. Once your labels are printed, you can then drop your items off at one of 11,500 Post Office® branches or at a post box at your convenience. Click here to learn more about Veeqo's shipping software features

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