How to increase your sales by 1000%

How to increase your sales by 1000%


We currently live in a world populated by multiple sales channels. There is no one strong contender anymore – your customers are everywhere. They’re on eBay, they’re on Etsy, they’re on Amazon. Wherever they are, you need to be right there with them.

Selling on more than one online sales channel is a great way of increasing your sales. If you are a retailer who’s only selling on your own ecommerce website, you’re missing out on a large number of potential sales. People are using alternative online retailers to buy their goods, and if you have your products listed on those sites, that means your business has a much better potential for increased sales.

In most cases, you will want to maintain your own existing ecommerce site, but having your products on other ecommerce sites, like Amazon and eBay, gives those products (and your business) a great deal more exposure. The more places your products can be found, the better.

There are loads of different sales channels are out there that will work with retailers and sellers, and you should consider selling through them if you can. They can give your customers a much better perception of your business, help to increase your sales, and provide you with more data to help you with your future sales and marketing activity.

And this is how you can increase your sales by 1000%.


Let’s say you are a clothing retailer and have a store on Shopify and sell 50 items a day. If you start selling your clothes on one other platform – Amazon, let’s say – and you sell the same amount of stock that you sell on your Shopify store – 50 items a day – you have increased your sales by 100%.

Now let’s say you introduce a 3rd channel – eBay. If you sell the same amount again on here, you have increased your sales by 200%.
Take advantage of the most popular stores to get the widest possible reach and the best increase in sales: Amazon, eBay, Play, Google Shopping, Sears, Alibaba, Jet, Etsy, Not on the High Street.

That’s 10 more channels. Now, if you sell the same amount on each channel, you’ve increased your sales by 1000%. It really is that simple.

If selling on 10+ channels at a time sounds like challenge, don’t let it put you off – there’s inventory management software out there which do all the work for you, ensure that your stock is synced in real time, and even print off your shipping labels for you. Using a tool like Veeqo could help you increase your sales on one channel alone by making your inventory more organised, and help you reach that 1000% increase.

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