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2019 State of Omnichannel Retail Report: Where Top Brands Are Succeeding & Failing at Omnichannel

  • Written by Anwen Williams
2019 State of Omnichannel Retail Report: Where Top Brands Are Succeeding & Failing at Omnichannel

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There’s no doubt commerce is changing - rapidly. We’re seeing traditional retail stores embrace ecommerce, and online-only brands move into the ‘real world’ via physical stores and pop-up locations. All in the name of winning the customer experience battle. And at the heart of providing the best customer experience is the buzzword that’s been circling retail for some time: Omnichannel. Retailers familiar with omnichannel are striving for a solid strategy simply because consumers want to buy anywhere, anytime - with a range of browsing, purchasing, delivery and returns options. And omnichannel provides a supply to this demand. But omnichannel is complex, and many retailers fear it is unsustainable. So is it really worth it? The data says yes. In fact:

  • Aberdeen Group reported that 89% of customers are retained by the strongest omnichannel retailers, compared to 33% for businesses with weak omnichannel strategies according to Aberdeen Group
  • 90% of consumers were reported using more than one device to accomplish a single objective online
  • 82% of shoppers have used their smartphone device as assistants while in-store
  • And, customer satisfaction rates are 23x higher for omnichannel companies.

It’s clear that implementing a solid omnichannel strategy is vital to brands looking towards high-growth and success. But how are retailers weighing up?

The state of omnichannel 2019 report

To find out how successfully omnichannel is being implemented by today’s top brands (and where the opportunities lie for others to take advantage) we looked at the latest data on:

  1. What customers are craving in their shopping experiences today.
  2. How some of the top brands are stacking up when it comes to providing this experience.

We analysed 63 popular fast fashion brands from all around the world to see exactly where they’re excelling, and where they’re falling behind. Providing pivotal insight into what’s working well, and where the opportunities lie to make huge gains.

Inside the report

We organised the report into five main sections:

  1. Unity between online and physical stores
  2. Multi-device shopping
  3. Delivery
  4. Click and collect
  5. Customer support

A sneak peak of what's inside:

  • While 72% of shoppers use click and collect, only 35% of brands offered any kind of click and collect services

  • Even though 80% of consumers say they want same day delivery, only 6% of brands were able to provide this

  • Only 67% of brands responded to an email query, with 33% providing no response at all

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Download the State of Omnichannel Report

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