Not On The High Street Integration

Not On The High Street order management and shipping

Key Not On The High Street Integration Features

Download & manage NOTHS orders

Veeqo automatically pulls all your Not On The High Street orders into one system – all ready to manage and ship alongside sales from every other channel.

Route orders to specific warehouses

Ensure Not On The High Street orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible by automatically routing them to specific warehouses.

Bulk ship NOTHS orders

Print shipping labels for all your orders – up to 100 at a time – and get everything picked, packed and shipped in record time.

Veeqo order and shipping management

How else can we help your NOHS store?

Not On The High Street inventory management and shipping, plus so much more!

Manage Not On The High Street orders

See every single customer order received via your Not On The High Street store, alongside orders from your website and other marketplaces – all in one, centralised platform.

Ship Not On The High Street orders in bulk

Bulk print labels from any of 17+ world-leading shipping carriers directly from Veeqo’s cloud-based platform

Route NOTHS orders to specific warehouse

Choose which warehouse you want orders routing to – and set Veeqo to automatically send them straight there.

Report on Not On The High Street sales performance

Use our reporting and analytics dashboards so see a detailed summary of all your Not On The High Street sales, broken down by SKU – along with every other sales channel.

Automatically convert to your chosen currency

Download Not On The High Street orders to Veeqo, and they’ll be automatically converted to the base currency in your account for easy, consistent reporting.

Easy integrations. Effortless ecommerce.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Want to know more?

A few of the questions we get most often.

Why is Veeqo free?

Veeqo benefits from referring sellers to shipping carriers. Veeqo passes this benefit back to our sellers in the form of giving sellers Veeqo for free. It’s all part of our mission to help sellers, like you, stay a step ahead.

Will Amazon see my off Amazon sales data?

Amazon will not have access to sellers’ product sales data for off-Amazon sales. Veeqo’s seller information will only be accessed by Amazon to the extent necessary to provide and improve Veeqo’s services or to assess and manage logistics provider performance. Veeqo’s seller information is secured against inappropriate loss, access, or disclosure.

What are power features and are they free?

Power features are inventory management, mobile picking and analytics tools, which are free to use but access to them are subject to our Fair Usage Policy for Power Features of buying the majority of your shipping labels in Veeqo. We will provide monthly updates on your quota usage and give you time and flexibility to meet the quota, but reserve the right to deny access to power features. There are zero fees.

Why does Veeqo need my credit card information?

Veeqo provides a simple way for sellers to buy shipping labels. We take credit card information for this reason only.

Does Veeqo work with all my stores?

Veeqo is integrated with a variety of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and 3PL providers. See a full list of our integrations here.

Can I still use Veeqo if I don’t want to sell on Amazon?

Yes! Veeqo’s mission is to help sellers get a step ahead, wherever they sell.

I’m setting up this process for the first time, can you help show me the best way?

Yes. Our knowledge center offers written and video content to help you get started. If you need some extra help, our customer success team are standing by ready to help by email, chat, or call.

I’m a UK seller. Is Veeqo available from today for me too?

Yes, Veeqo is available today in the UK for free. Sellers can connect their own carrier rates and start shipping.

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