Migrating to the New Veeqo (UK)

Introducing the new Veeqo… it’s now free!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Veeqo. We’ve taken the features you know and love in Veeqo… sprinkled in some new stuff…. and we’ve made it completely free.

From early October 2022 you will be given the option in app to confirm your migration to the new Veeqo, and from the point of this confirmation you will no longer be billed for Veeqo – yes, you read that right.

You’ll still get all the features you’re using right now – but without the subscription cost you incur today.

Introducing the Fair Usage Policy for Power Features

Our Power Features include inventory control, picking with a mobile device, and multichannel reporting and in the new Veeqo, they’ll be subject to our Fair Usage Policy for Power Features. Power Features are free to activate in the new Veeqo and Veeqo always remains free, even if Power Features are disabled in accordance with the Fair Usage Policy.

Sellers will need to ship at least 50% of their online orders synced to Veeqo on a monthly basis with a shipping label purchased within Veeqo, either using our shipping rates or your own carrier rates. This excludes FBA orders and Retail POS orders. 

As a legacy seller of Veeqo, you will have an extended, initial 6 month period FROM THE DATE OF MIGRATION to reach 50% of your labels purchased in Veeqo before we review your usage (this is double the standard 3 month period).

Following your initial 6 month period, if you purchase under 50% of your labels in Veeqo for that calendar month, a 1 month notice period will start. If 50% of your labels purchased in Veeqo is still not met after this 1 month notice period, you will have 2 weeks until Power Feature access is disabled. If the 50% is met within this notice period, your notice period will then reset back to the default 1 month and you may continue using Power Features.

Learn more about the Fair Usage Policy for Power Features along with FAQ here.

What happens next?

From early October 2022 you’ll see a pop up banner appear in your Veeqo app, where you’ll be presented the opportunity to move to our new product. When you see this, follow the instructions on the pop-up to move to confirm your migration which will the take place later in 2023.

What’s new?

In our new product you will have access to all your great existing features, and the same access to our amazing support team. You can expect many more new and exciting tools coming in 2023 and beyond, to help you manage and grow your business through Veeqo.

There are a few updates we’d like to point out:

  • There will no longer be any restrictions to the number of users who can be added to your Veeqo account.

  • Veeqo will look and act just the same as you’re used to, so long as you are updated to the latest version. If you are using an older version then you will need to use the latest orders page, we love it.

  • There are four printing templates (with many more to come) that you will be required to use.

  • If you use automated printing then you will need to download and install DirectPrint, a replacement for Autoprint.

  • If you use Quickbooks you will need to install this through Veeqo’s 3rd party app store. 

  • Your account will be subject to our new Terms of Service and our Fair Usage Policy for Power Features.

    • Fair Usage Policy for Power Features: As a legacy seller, we have extended the initial 3 month ramp period to 6 months.

  • The existing Veeqo product will be retired later in 2023, at which point all customers will be required to move to the new Veeqo product.

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