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Shipping Labels

21+ direct carrier integrations

Connect any of 21+ shipping carriers directly to Veeqo, and print labels in one platform. Choose from Royal Mail, USPS, DPD, UPS, FedEx, DHL and a range of other services.

Get discounted rates

Cut your fulfilment costs by taking advantage of Veeqo’s group shipping rates. Save up to 90% on USPS shipments, with a range of other carrier discounts too.

Automate collection manifests

Veeqo automatically populates your shipping collection manifests. All prepared and ready for pickup by relevant carriers.

Bulk print labels & documents

Bulk print shipping labels, picking lists, invoices and packing slips together in one click. Just select the orders, and send up to 100 labels or thousands of any other documents to their pre-set printers.

Print integrated labels

Print your shipping labels and invoices or packing slips on a single sheet of paper. So you get orders out the door quickly while keeping paper use to a minimum.

Send confirmation emails

Choose to send customers automated confirmation emails when their order has shipped. You can even include tracking details when available.

Personalise customer documents

Customise your invoices, emails and other documents any way you want. Offer a fully-branded and personalised experience at every customer touchpoint.

Customise internal documents

Have complete control of your internal fulfilment documents. Customise labels, pick lists, packing slips, and more to best suit your workflow.

Ship international orders

Ship to customers all over the world with Veeqo via a range of global services. You can even generate pre-filled customs forms and paperless commercial invoices.

Manage orders shipped outside Veeqo

Manually mark orders as “Shipped” in Veeqo if they’re fulfilled via an unsupported carrier. So you still keep tracking and order status up-to-date for customers and stores.

Manage partial shipments

Partially fulfil orders while waiting for any back ordered items to come back into stock. So your customers only wait for items they absolutely have to.

Create multi-order shipments

Ship multiple orders going to the same customer together in a single package. So you save on costs and improve the overall experience.

Compare carrier quotes

Enter your package dimensions and see a range of quotes from multiple carriers and services. Choose whichever one best suits your needs, and print the label in a few clicks.

Order Management

Manage multichannel orders

Manage orders from all your ecommerce stores, marketplaces and POS systems in one platform. Order status gets automatically updated in the relevant channel.

Ship with multiple carriers

Print shipping labels for any order from 21+ carriers directly in Veeqo. Choose from Royal Mail, USPS, DPD, UPS, FedEx, DHL or a range of other carriers.

Easy to setup & use

Connect all your sales channels and shipping carriers to Veeqo in just a few clicks. Then manage everything from our simple, cloud-based platform.

Find orders with search & filters

Quickly find any order with live search, and prioritise with a range of filters. You can even save commonly used views for easy access – either privately or across your entire team.

Bulk CSV import & export

Bulk upload any orders to Veeqo from outside your connected sales channels via CSV import. Or export from Veeqo to CSV for more in-depth analysis or bulk editing.

Organise with order tagging

Import order tags from sales channels, or add them in Veeqo. You can even add tags based on automated rules – helping organise and highlight your most important orders.

See a complete order history

Get total visibility with a complete history for every order. See when it came in, payment details, shipping info, return status – and even which team member made edits.

Communicate with internal notes

Leave internal comments on orders to co-ordinate fulfilment with your team. Tag co-workers to alert them of new comments via email or Veeqo’s notification system.

Stay connected via mobile app

Take your business on the go with you using Veeqo’s smartphone app for iOS and Android. See sales data, fulfilment status, create new orders, and more – all from your phone.

Manage wholesale orders

Process wholesale orders in Veeqo to manage both your retail and B2B operation in one place. Create pricing tiers & discounts, send invoices, process payments and ship orders.

Process phone payments

Integrate Stripe to easily collect payment for phone orders. Create, process, and ship orders – all inside the Veeqo platform.

Handle return orders

Manage every return in Veeqo from start to finish – no more email threads or spreadsheets. Create returns, record the reason, update stock, issue full or partial refunds, and run reports.

See mergeable orders

Group orders that have the same shipping address together with a dedicated filter. Making it easy to merge and ship together where appropriate.

Printing & Templates

Bulk print up to 100 labels

Fuflil orders quicker than ever by bulk printing up to 100 shipping labels for many of our 21 partners in a single click.

Print 1,000s of documents

Bulk print thousands of pick lists, packing slips and invoices at a time. Just select the orders, and send documents to their pre-set printers in a few clicks.

One-click printing

Send labels, pick lists, packing slips & invoices to their pre-set printers in one click. No more PDF downloads or manually choosing devices – just rinse and repeat at high volume.

Use default or customised templates

Choose from a range of templates in Veeqo’s library of invoices, labels and more. Or customise specific documents to deliver a fully-branded experience.

Multiple brands and languages

Create customised documents for different brands or languages. Even set up automated workflows to print the right document based on sales channel, tags, and more.

Drag-and-drop template editor

Have easy control of your template designs with Veeqo’s drag-and-drop editor. Customise the look of invoices, labels and more – without ever touching any code.

Sort and print the way you want

Sort documents ready to print in the order that best suits your workflow. For example, print picking lists by bin location, order date or SKU – whichever works for you.

Connect to any printer

Veeqo supports printers of all different types and sizes. Connect both A4 and label, and use whichever technology you want – thermal, inkjet or laser.

Print from anywhere

Send documents to print from anywhere with internet – no printer cables needed. Print whether you’re on the other side of the warehouse, or the other side of the world.

Tracking & Returns

Track shipments in one place

Get a clear view of all your multichannel shipments in one place. So you and your support team know exactly where every order is at any one time.

Manage tracking numbers

Veeqo manages tracking numbers for all your shipments. The details are automatically updated on the relevant sales channel and, if you choose, sent to customers too.

Send tracking emails

Send automated tracking link emails to customers as soon as their order ships. Customise the email however you want to offer a unique, branded experience.

Create and manage returns

Manage every return in Veeqo from start to finish – no more email threads or spreadsheets. Create returns, record the reason, update stock, issue full or partial refunds, and run reports.

Generate return labels

Allow customers to send returns with pre-generated return labels. You can track returns lifecycle in each order’s history – from return request to inventory processing.

Run return reports

Record the reason each return was made. Then run a detailed report to gain key insights on how to minimise them in the future.

Shipping Automation

Set default carriers & services

Set a default carrier and service for different sales channels, tags and addresses. Like using a 24-hour service for next-day orders, or shipping Amazon sales via FBA.

Print branded templates

Print specific branded invoices or packing slips based on custom conditions. Use tags, sales channel, zip code and more to get the right branding on autopilot.

Add tags & internal notes

Apply tags and internal notes to orders on autopilot based on custom triggers and conditions. For example, tag orders from VIP customers, or add a note when an order is manually updated.

One-click printing

Send a range of documents directly to their pre-set printers in one click. No more downloading individual PDFs or making printer selections – just rinse and repeat at high volume.

Pre-fill package details

Veeqo uses your product info to auto-populate package details when shipping. Details include weight, dimensions, HS codes, and origin country – all pre-filled for you.

Split orders automatically

Orders that can’t be fulfilled from a single location are automatically split across multiple warehouses. Minimise back orders and get products to your customers quicker than ever.

Pick & Pack

Pick by paper

Organise new orders into picking lists, then print each morning ready to distribute to your team.

Run your warehouse via barcode scanner

Pick orders, book-in new stock and conduct paperless cycle stock takes. All fast, accurate and 100% digital with the Veeqo Scanner.

Pick by digital scanner

Veeqo filters orders into batches, and assigns them to pickers each morning. Your team just needs to scan, pick and repeat – bringing fast, accurate picking every time.

Confirm accuracy when packing

Choose to scan your parcels as they’re being packed to confirm order accuracy. Giving your team an extra opportunity to catch any errors before shipping out to customers.

Use your phone as a scanner

Receive inventory, conduct stock takes, pick orders and do everything our powerful Veeqo Scanner can do – all from your mobile device.

Customise fulfilment documents

Customise packing slips and pick lists in any way you want with Veeqo’s drag-and-drop editor. Add your branding and arrange in the best way to suit your workflows.

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