New Feature: Update Your Product Pricing Directly In Veeqo

  • Written by Matt Warren
New Feature: Update Your Product Pricing Directly In Veeqo

Great news - you can now use Veeqo to update all of your pricing on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. This means if you want to update the pricing of any listings across any of your sales channels, you can do everything directly in Veeqo. There’s no need to login to anywhere else, and you have complete control over what channels you want Veeqo to manage. Doing this is easy, and saves you time logging in to multiple platforms in order to update your pricing.   How it works STEP 1: In the PRODUCTS tab in Veeqo, locate the product that you want to update the pricing of. ---------------   STEP 2: Update the price of the product next to the required sales channel within Veeqo. ---------------   STEP 3: All done! Within a few minutes, the price you’ve set inside Veeqo will be visible on the channel or marketplace you have chosen to update.   ---------------   How to enable this in Veeqo To enable this feature in Veeqo, simply click the SETTINGS cog in the top navigation bar in Veeqo and click STORES. Click on the store or marketplace that you want Veeqo to control pricing of. Under the EDIT tab, scroll down to HOW PRODUCTS ARE SYNCED and switch on “Veeqo is master of price”. And that’s all there is to it! You can now control all of your pricings for all of your sales channels directly in Veeqo.   Say goodbye to logging in and out of multiple platforms just to make a simple pricing update. Now everything can be managed in one place.   To learn more about the huge impact pricing can have on your business and how to get your pricing right, check out our recent webinar with pricing experts Prisync.

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