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Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management Software That Ties Your Ecommerce Operations Together

Veeqo is the warehouse management software that connects your picking, packing and shipping processes with your entire ecommerce operations. All in one easy-to-use cloud-based system.
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Veeqo is an ecommerce fulfilment software platform that connects your inventory, warehouse and shipping to your entire ecommerce operation.

Veeqo’s automation and powerful integrations let ecommerce retailers unlock the full potential of modern multichannel ecommerce.

Veeqo the all in one solution for your ecommerce fulfillment

Benefits of Veeqo’s warehouse management software

Connecting your warehouse to your ecommerce operations

To succeed in the modern ecommerce world, you will need to make sure your sales channels and marketplaces are insync with your warehouse process and inventory management. This way you can fuflil your customer orders accurately without having to worry about overselling, mispicks and returns. 

Fulfil more orders with a smaller team

As a business grows and makes more sales, it can lead to their warehouse team growing in size. However, doing this leads to a more expensive and often less efficient warehouse operation.

Businesses use Veeqo to fulfill more orders without having to grow their warehouse team.

Reduce human error

Whether you are a smaller ecommerce business or a larger operation, human error can still hold you back. Simple mistakes can result in mispicks, returns, and bad reviews. Veeqo simplifies operations through automation and improved order management, reducing the margin for human error.

A fully-automated solution

To run an effective warehouse operation, you will want to reduce both the number of decisions your team has to make and the complexity of those decisions. With Veeqo you can automate a range of decision points and processes for greater efficiency.

Manage multiple warehouses or just one location

Veeqo’s agile software works for companies with multiple warehouses or with just one small location.

Get information on the go with a cloud-based solution

Veeqo’s warehouse management software is completely cloud-based. This means that you can monitor your picking operations from anywhere. The system is hosted by the same servers that host NASA and Netflix, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

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How Veeqo’s warehouse management software works

Start using Veeqo today

Try Veeqo for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage inventory and ship to customers.

Try Veeqo free for 14 days, no credit card required.

A Warehouse management software with paperless and digital picking options

In general, there are two ways you can pick in your warehouse: paper and digital.

While the industry is moving towards digital picking, there are still many ecommerce businesses that rely on picking lists, slips and invoices.

If you’re not ready to go paperless, our warehouse management software gives you the flexibility to pick customer orders in whatever way best suits your business.

Picking with paper

With Veeqo you can stick with paper picking. Depending on what works best for you, you can use packing slips, picking lists or invoices for picking, packing and shipping.

If you don’t have a separate label printer, you can print out a single document (package invoice or slip), print it off and place it on the package. Giving you one label to pick, pack and ship your orders.

Digital picking

How digital picking works

Digital picking works by connecting the products you sell to those in your warehouse through a system of barcode scanning and batch picking. 

Once a sale is made, an order is added to a queue to be picked by your warehouse team. A queue is simply a group of orders sent to your warehouse to be picked and shipped.

Once the picker accepts the batch, they then pick and scan the orders and take them to packing stations to be shipped.

Advantages of digital picking

The number of retailers taking advantage of digital picking is growing year on year. It’s a growing trend because:

It’s better for the environment

Digital picking saves paper with every order, helping reduce the carbon footprint of your business and the ecommerce industry as a whole.

It’s efficient and accurate

Digital picking reduces human error and optimises the picking, packing and shipping process.

It’s flexible

Veeqo’s digital picking process allows the ability to override automation when it suits you, such as prioritising certain orders.

To take advantage of digital picking in Veeqo you can either use the Veeqo App or the scanner.

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Try Veeqo for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage inventory and ship to customers.

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Veeqo Barcode Scanner

A WiFi-enabled, drop-proof cordless device with long battery life, pistol grip, and built-in laser scanner.

The Veeqo barcode scanner is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately process high order volumes in a warehouse environment.

Learn more about the Veeqo Scanner

Android and iOS app

Access the functionality of the Veeqo barcode scanner on your team members’ smartphones.

Use the phone’s camera as a barcode scanner to pick orders, perform stock takes and receive inventory, all from the palm of your hand.

Learn more about our Smartphone App

How to easily manage kits and bundles

Kits and bundles can be a great way to sell multiple products, but they can make things tricky for your warehouse team if they are not properly managed. To get the most out of selling bundles and kits you need to make sure the bundles you sell on your sales channels are linked to the information your team has in your warehouse.

You can easily set up bundles in Veeqo, so that when they are ordered on your website or sales channel your warehouse team knows exactly what to pick. 

A live warehouse dashboard to provide key infomation at a glance

Get a real-time view of picking progress in each warehouse and make quick adjustments to get orders out. The picking dashboard shows the top-level information your warehouse team needs to know. 

Customisable to your needs 

You can update the dashboard based on a range of factors, such as weight of the product, shipping carrier, country or marketplace. For example, you could set your Amazon Prime orders to be prioritised to make sure they are fulfilled on time.

Easily reprioritise orders

The dashboard can be quickly and easily reprioritised by your warehouse manager, letting the whole team know what orders should be prioritised instantly.

Different dashboards for different locations

You can easily have one dashboard for all of your locations or you could have different dashboards for each location. In either case, both you and your team will have full visibility.

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Try Veeqo for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage inventory and ship to customers.

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Don’t stop all operations to take a stock check

Frequently stopping your whole fulfillment operations to do a stock take can be necessary even if you don’t have an up-to-date warehouse management software. Yet doing so will take time and cost money.

With Veeqo, you can have your team perform incremental stock checks. This way they will be checking a certain percentage of your inventory over a time period you decide. So you keep an accurate record of your stock levels, and can keep on top of any theft or shrinkage, without stopping all of your operations.

Improve your warehouse team’s performance

Veeqo’s warehouse management software is designed to make sure you can get more from your warehouse team, without having to put in more time yourself. We do this by:

Cut down on team training time

Depending on your product, you may require seasonal workers in your warehouse to handle high sales periods. But this can mean spending time training new hires in your systems.

Veeqo cuts this training time down dramatically by providing your pickers with the information they need at the click of a button. Saving you time and reducing errors that new hires may otherwise make.

Evaluate your warehouse team’s performance

Veeqo’s warehouse software provides you with team metrics reports. Using this report you can monitor the performance of those picking your stock. These reports can be split up by picker, by time, by day or by warehouse.

Easy to digest reports

Get a full picture of what happened in your warehouse and why. View current and historic inventory values by warehouse, investigate stock level changes and see reasons for manual adjustments.

View a complete audit trail

Veeqo stores data on every action taken in any of your warehouses.  You can hold individual team members accountable for their mistakes, and prevent them from happening again.


Start using Veeqo today

Try Veeqo for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage inventory and ship to customers.

Try Veeqo free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Deliver the experience your customers want with Veeqo’s warehouse management software

Always ship the right items

By blocking shipments until products are barcode scanned, you’ll never ship an order with the wrong items again.

Eliminate shipping errors

Eliminate shipping errors by managing your entire picking and packing process with Veeqo.

Fast, discounted shipping

A cheaper, faster way to ship your packages. Including getting the best possible discounts on USPS shipping rates.

Bulk print your labels

Bulk print shipping labels, picking lists, invoices and packing slips together in one click. Just select the orders, and send up to 100 labels or thousands of any other documents to their pre-set printers.

Avoid shipping surcharges

Package weights are automatically preloaded to expedite the packing process.

To avoid shipping surcharges, you can connect a set of USB scales in Veeqo to automatically update package weights.

Print shipping labels for your Shopify orders

Connect your fulfilment workflows with automation

Automate warehouse tasks for increased efficiency

With Veeqo, you can create workflows to automate mundane tasks using custom triggers or conditions.

This lets you select shipping services based on delivery options, assign specific branded invoices to orders based on sales channel, add order tags based on customer ZIP code, and much more.

Update processes without decreasing accuracy

Changing processes as your business grows can be challenging,  especially when your frontline teams need to adjust their operations.

With Veeqo’s automation you can easily make changes to business logic, such as shipping services or priorities, without sacrificing accuracy or disrupting how the warehouse team works.

Use advanced picking batch creation

No need for your team to work out what to pick and how to find items, or get bottlenecked waiting for warehouse managers to print off picking lists.

Veeqo’s warehouse software filters orders into picking batches, assigns them to your team and works out the shortest warehouse route – allowing pickers to focus on the job.

Save time with optimised picking routes

As businesses grow and their warehouse operations get more complex, it becomes more important to make sure the order pickers pick products is optimal. While not doing so may only cost minutes, these minutes quickly add up to real losses over time.

You tell Veeqo’s software the location of the different bins holding your products, Veeqo’s state-of-the-art software then works out the optimal route for your pickers to take.

Split picking lists between multiple pickers

Creating picking lists is a tedious process if you are trying to do it manually. You would need to figure out exactly the best items for each picker to pick based on order priority, bin location and more. Just to fulfil your orders.

Veeqo’s warehouse management software does all of this for you. So all a picker needs to do is press a button and they receive a picking list.

Start using Veeqo today

Try Veeqo for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage inventory and ship to customers.

Try Veeqo free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Learn more about warehouse management software

What is warehouse management software?

A warehouse management software is a software platform that optimizes warehouse performance through automation. It will likely connect to your sales channels and shipping carriers.

How do warehouse management software platforms work?

They work by connecting your warehouse operations with your shipping process, order management systems and overall inventory management.

You can learn more about warehouse management in this guide.

How to choose warehouse management software?

There are two main questions you should ask when looking for warehouse management software:

Will this system grow with your business?
Warehouse management software should be able to both handle the complexity of your fulfilment operations now and when your business grows. You don’t want to be changing systems as your business grows, so you should be looking to embed a solution that will be able to scale with your business.

Will this system connect with your sales channels and shipping carriers?
To succeed in ecommerce you will need to be able to handle the complexities of multichannel ecommerce. This means your warehouse management software must integrate with your sales channels, marketplaces and shipping carriers.

You can find more information on our WMS guide page.

What does warehouse management software do?

A Warehouse Management Software is a piece of software that handles warehouse operations and all the typical day-to-day practices of a warehouse. A warehouse software solution will usually help with receiving and putting away new stock, manage, balance and replenish inventory, optimise picking and packing processes as well as provide the functionality to ship orders and handle returns.

What is the best warehouse management software?

There are a number of warehouse management software platforms out there that are differently suited depending on the needs of individual businesses. So the best warehouse management software is whichever one fits into your operation the easiest.

Veeqo is best for growing and established online retailers selling on multiple channels. Our warehouse management software handles inventory, barcode scanning, picking, packing and shipping in one platform, so you won’t be paying to connect several warehouse management systems together with several different logins and touchpoints.

Veeqo is designed to handle high volumes of orders and inventory in a single, cloud-based login area. Connect a wide range of stores, ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to see every order in one place, sync stock levels in real-time, and ship via any of our 21+ direct carrier integrations. All meaning your ecommerce business can grow quickly with one, reliable system powering its operation.

How many marketplaces can I connect to Veeqo’s warehouse management software?

You can connect multiple Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or OpenCart stores to Veeqo, along with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and a variety of other online marketplaces and physical stores – a full list is available here. This allows you to manage orders, inventory, fulfilment, shipping and returns for all of them in one place.

Which carriers can I ship my orders with?

Veeqo’s Warehouse Management Software directly integrates with 21 of the world’s leading shipping carriers. You can connect as many as you want to your account, regardless of what price plan you’re on. You can see a full list of the carriers we ship to here.

Can I manage inventory in Veeqo if my business operates from more than one warehouse?

Absolutely. Veeqo lets you manage inventory for any number of warehouses. This software even gives you the ability to create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers. This ensures you always have the right amount of inventory in the right locations to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. Making sure you have complete control of your inventory.

Can I connect Amazon FBA or a 3PL warehouse to Veeqo?

Veeqo’s warehouse management software platform integrates both with Amazon FBA and Torque 3PL, alongside a number of other integrations. There is also an open API that lets you build integrations to other 3PL services you use to ship orders.

You can either ship orders manually through FBA or another 3PL, or you could use an automatic fulfillment rule to manage your orders on autopilot. So, Prime and Ebay orders could go through FBA, but Shopify orders could go through a different 3PL or your own self-fulfilled warehouse.

Unify your apps and processes to unblock growth


Full realtime visibility across all sales channels.

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Real-time picking updates and dashboards.

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Quickly bulk ship orders, automated repetitive tasks.

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Reports & Forecast

Report, forecast, purchase and replenish stock.

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