Veeqo Security and Reliability

We understand security is very important and it is critical that your customer data is kept safe and secure. So we take it seriously and have invested a lot of time into making sure Veeqo is secure.

Access to Veeqo

Requires an email address and password. Passwords are stored heavily encrypted in our database and we use 128 bit SSL encryption between your browser and Veeqo, so it is fully secure.

Looking after your data

You own all your own data and it is stored on our postgres database system, which is backed up every hour. We also have multiple servers for load balancing and redundancy, so if one server fails, another will take over seamlessly.

How robust is Veeqo?

We are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which gives is a huge amount of scalability, security and redundancy. Major corporations such as Netflix, Adobe, Airbnb, Samsung and NASA also use Amazon web services.

Our system automatically scales the number of servers required in real time as demand from our customers changes. So it does not matter how busy you get, or how many new customer join Veeqo, the system will automatically grow.

Veeqo uses a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to make sure that assets like images, PDF’s are stored in cache and delivered very fast to your browser.

When logged into Veeqo, the connection is fully encrypted with 128 bit SSL technology.

We backup our database every hour to an offsite location plus our Postgres database which is hosted on Amazon RDS service, can roll back to a predetermined point in time.

Our application is protected by Amazon firewalls and we have the ability to deploy DDoS mitigation technology with a few clicks in case of any attack.

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

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