Packiyo vs ShipHero: Warehouse Management Alternatives

  • Written by Tamsin Mackay
Packiyo vs ShipHero: Warehouse Management Alternatives

Having a good warehouse management system (WMS) is helpful as an ecommerce retailer. Having a great one is transformative.

A great WMS will give you solid organization tools, optimize your warehouse and inventory, streamline stock management, simplify picking and packing, and turn shipping into an easy and cost-effective process.

All these features make a huge difference. Not only do you get to keep your business ticking along at an optimal pace, but you also (if you choose wisely) get automation tools that lift a lot of the admin burden from your very busy shoulders.

Which is why we are now digging into three WMS platforms – Packiyo, ShipHero and Veeqo – to unearth all their features and capabilities to see if they have what it takes to make you great.

Table of Contents

  • Packiyo Overview

  • Key features of Packiyo

  • Pros & Cons of Packiyo

  • ShipHero Overview

  • Key features of ShipHero

  • Pros & Cons of ShipHero

  • An alternative solution: Veeqo

Packiyo Overview

Based in Norway, Packiyo is a smart and simple WMS designed to be very accessible across multiple digital platforms. You can use the tool on mobile devices, on a browser or via a desktop app, making it very accessible for companies on the move.

The platform’s unique selling proposition is its simplicity. It is intuitively designed with minimal fluff so there’s a low barrier to entry. It comes with automation, inventory management and tracking, picking and packing functionality, and shipping capabilities.

Key features of Packiyo

  • Direct integrations with leading ecommerce platforms

  • Inventory management with both static and dynamic slotting

  • Co-Pilot automations designed to manage repetitive tasks and to flag, prioritize and assign ship methods to every order automatically

  • CoPilot checks orders against repetitive tasks

  • Mobile smart picking that allows for optimization and device switching

  • Preset bulk shipping customizations and order checking

  • Packing and shipping optimization with easy scanning and packaging

  • Lot tracking, expiration management and serial number control to ensure logistics are easy to manage

  • Simple SKU stock management

  • Purchase order creation, tracking and receiving

  • Easily managed returns

  • Insights and reports to support decision-making and planning

  • 3PL billing management and client portal


There are quite a few shipping options available to you with this platform. The big names of DHL, UPS, USPS and FedEx are there, but you also get Asendia, Australia Post, Bring, Canada Post, Dao, Deutsche Post, Easypost, Postnord and Webshipper.


Packiyo offers integrations with well-known ecommerce platforms. These include Amazon, Adobe Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.

It also has integrations for this extensive list of apps and services: Airtable, Asendia, Australia Post, Bring, Canada Post, Dao, DHL, Deutsche Post, Easypost, FedEx, Inventory Planner, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Postnord, Prestashop, UPS, Shopify Plus, USPS, Webshipper, Wix and Walmart.

Packiyo Pricing

Packiyo has three different pricing packages*. There is no free plan, but the information provided on the site suggests there are no hidden costs so you get what you pay for from the outset.

For Brands – this plan costs $999 a month for 10 users, unlimited store connections with 10,000 included in the price. You also get unlimited SKUs, inventory locations, and number of orders. Plus, CoPilot Automation, Android and iOS picking apps, bulk order shipping and the shipping rate optimizer are included.

For 3PL Startups – this plan costs $699 a month for 10 users, unlimited store connections with 5,000 included in the price. You also get unlimited SKUs, inventory locations, and number of orders. Plus, CoPilot Automation, Android and iOS picking apps, bulk order shipping and the shipping rate optimizer are included.

For 3PL Scale – you pay $1,299 for 30 users, unlimited store connections, a client portal, 3PL billing, and 10,000 included store connections. This plan also provides you with unlimited SKUs, inventory locations, and number of orders. Plus, CoPilot Automation, Android and iOS picking apps, bulk order shipping and the shipping rate optimizer are included.

*Last accessed January 2024

Pros of Packiyo

Packiyo is a relatively new company that’s been designed by people who understand the industry and what’s needed by the technology supporting it.

Even the website conveys a sense of simplicity and no-frills functionality. The goal of this platform is to make your life as easy as possible so you can simply get the job done.

  • CoPilot Automation is a smart and useful tool that helps streamline processes and systems

  • Integration with all the right names, and then some

  • Mobile capabilities that sync easily

  • Plenty of unlimited features

Cons of Packiyo

No free or trial options – you pay and you stay.

New enough that as of January 2024 there is only one review, so you can’t hear what other people are saying or what other sellers think.

ShipHero Overview

ShipHero offers 3PLs and brands ecommerce fulfillment tools designed to make it easy to ship direct to consumers within a WMS system.

It comes with more than 50 integrations, offers customized reporting and helps you to manage orders, notifications and fulfillment with relative ease.

Key features of ShipHero

  • One-click integrations with leading companies such as Shopify and Returnly

  • Order tracking and shipment notifications

  • Automation, smart warehouse routing and address validation

  • Multi-warehouse and order allocation

  • Re-order and replenishment level setting

  • Mobile pick and pack with automatic batch creation

  • Multi-carrier integration and real-time rate shopping and label creation

  • Built-in reporting features that include sales, inventory and shipments


ShipHero offers you carrier integrations with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL eCommerce, Shippo, Deutsche Post, Asendia, Australia Post, DHL Express and a ton of others.

The company offers a real-time pricing update so you pay the absolute latest fees on your shipping which means you can save money on the go.


With ShipHero, you gain access to more than 50 integrations that include: Shopify Plus, Loop, Oracle NetSuite, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magneto 2, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Google Shopping, Brightpearl and Bring.

ShipHero Pricing

ShipHero has three different pricing packages* with no free or trial plan. These packages start at the prices below – there are extra costs on top of the base prices you see here so you may end up paying more.

Standard Plan – this plan starts at $1,995 per month and includes returns, automation rules, rate shopper, lot and expiration, warehouse routing, setup and training, and 24/7/365 support.

3PL Plan – this plan costs $2,145 a month and includes all the standard features plus a sandbox account, contract options, 3PL billing, marketplace listing and customer portals.

Enterprise Plan – you will need to get a quote for this plan that includes all the standard features plus an increased API rate, a sandbox account, contract options and a dedicated customer service manager.

*Last accessed January 2024

Pros of ShipHero

  • The platform is designed to be as easy to use as possible

  • It helps you to reduce errors and mis-picking

  • You get end-to-end visibility

  • Customer support is really good and the reviews reiterate that

  • Warehouse costs are reduced and efficiencies are increased

  • A reliable service with plenty of features and integrations

  • Solid inventory management

What the reviewers say:

“Emi Cordoba from ShipHero was so helpful and solved my problem quickly and efficiently. I couldn't recommend Emi more highly and look forward to Emi assisting me with the next issue I need resolved.” - Johnny on Trustpilot.

Cons of ShipHero

  • The minimum order requirement for ShipHero is 500 a month so this isn’t a win for people starting out

  • Customer support has been both exceptional and terrible

  • No liability insurance or special goods support

  • Expensive – compared with some of its competitors, this is a pricy platform

What the customers say:

“Embarrassing company. They were doing ok until 15 months ago, then they completely fell apart. Orders are not shipping out for months, support team ignoring you, software bugs and the highest fees in the markets - on increasing prices they have actually been consistently quick and efficient! The management doesn't care, the CEO doesn't care, the employees don't care.” – Davide on Trustpilot.

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Why choose Veeqo over ShipHero and Packiyo?

Both Packiyo and ShipHero are aimed at very different user bases. ShipHero is more suitable for well-established businesses that have relatively high order volumes and budgets while Packiyo is a newcomer with a solid price point and lots of extra features to help companies get their ecommerce feet on the ground. 

They both have their limitations, however. ShipHero’s pricing is variable and the reviews are mixed while Packiyo is still too new to assess how well it’s doing on the market or how happy its customers are.

Veeqo allows for sellers to increase their inventory and order volumes as they need to (easily) and provides built-in tools that simplify and streamline order management, shipping, analytics and forecasting and all the other admin-intensive bits in-between.

Faster, cheaper shipping

Veeqo integrates with multiple carriers so you can manage your shipping and your shipping labels online.

Veeqo also automatically chooses the best value label for every order you receive on any commerce channel so you don’t have to hunt for discounts and you can ship up to 100 orders simultaneously.

We have automated shipping labels and rules that simplify your shipping process. We also offer you he lowest commercially available rates, based on our pre-negotiated pricing from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL, and up to 5% back with Veeqo Credits.

It is easily integrated with multiple platforms and makes it extremely easy to manage shipping labels online.

Inventory management

Veeqo offers another benefit – our inventory management solution. We let you automatically sync inventory across all your stores and we help you simplify out of processing refunds and sorry emails for buyers. 

The Veeqo inventory management tool puts manual spreadsheets and complexity behind you and ensures you always know what is in stock, what you’ve sold and on which marketplace, what’s not selling and more.

Veeqo’s integrations

Veeqo has a ton of integrations that are all connected in one place so your selling is effortless. When it comes to carriers, we integrate with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Amazon Shipping. 

Our ecommerce channel integrations include Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento, while our marketplaces extend to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. You’ll also be able to access our open API for any other integrations you may need, and we have a support team in place to help you do this.


We scale with you as you grow, giving you the tools and features you need to start small and aim high.

Our tools include forecasting, reporting, advanced inventory management, order management, and plenty more – all of them are capable of serving the start-up as efficiently as the larger, more established, businesses.

Customer support

Customer support is a big focus for us. We know that running a business can be stressful and complicated and so we work to make sure we aren’t part of the stress or the complications.

Here’s what one of our reviewers has to say:

“If you're not using Veeqo then you're missing out and should seriously consider it! As a user for nearly 4 years Veeqo has helped us become more of a professional seller and has cut down our labor time by more than 70%.” – AJ on Trustpilot


It is free with unlimited users, shipping and orders, and no hidden costs. That’s it. We partner with our shipping carriers to deliver this free service, and you can even connect your own carrier accounts for no extra charge.

Create your free Veeqo account today and discover how simple shipping management can be.

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