15 Must Have Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Business

  • Written by Tamsin Mackay
15 Must Have Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Business

Apps can change your e-commerce life. A well-designed app can transform it! If you use

the right apps, you can improve your customer experiences, increase your sales, gather insights into customer behaviors and so much more.

That said, there are a lot of apps out there, especially for Shopify their app store has more than 8,000 apps on it. This can understandably make it tough to choose the best ones for your business.

This is why we’ve created a must-have list of Shopify apps designed to give your e-commerce store the tools you need to ditch the pain points, boost your business and so much more…

All pricing information last accessed January 2024

1. Veeqo

Big benefit: Manage your shipping, inventory, sales and orders from the palm of your hand

The Veeqo app on the Shopify store puts your business straight onto your mobile device. Optimized for both iOS and Android, the app takes you straight into the Veeqo ecosystem with inventory, sales and order management tools alongside exceptional pricing and discounts.

You get discounted shipping rates thanks to the Amazon connection alongside enterprise-level tools and services without the costs.

It’s a powerful app that’s easy to use while bringing you a ton of automation, optimization and management capabilities.

The cost? Free! You’re only charged for shipping labels based on carrier and ship methods or any extra services you opt into.

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2. Matrixify

Big benefit: Gain control over your Shopify store data with bulk imports, exports and updates

Want to move over to Shopify? This app makes it easy as pie – you can import and export your data using Excel, Google Sheets or CSV files easily with this tool.

If you’re already using Shopify, you can use the tool to import and export your data as well as to update your store data. It simplifies and streamlines your data migration and management.

The cost? The demo version is free but after that the basic package is $20 a month, the big package is $50 a month, and the enterprise version is $200 a month.

3. Kiwi Size Chart and Recommender

Big benefit: Ditch the sizing problem and reduce returns on apparel

The Kiwi Size Chart and Recommender app helps your customers the perfect clothing fit the first time!

This is immensely helpful for reducing returns and customer frustration (and your costs) while also building customer engagement with a much smoother shopping experience.

You can import size charts and add multiple tables to cater to all sizes and needs.

The cost? There is a free plan with two size charts but after that it’s $6.99 a month for the premium plan, and $12.49 a month for the ultimate plan.

4. Warnify Pro Warnings

Big benefit: Keep customers updated throughout the sales process

Warnify helps you create popups that will appear throughout the customer journey to ensure they know exactly how long an order will take, if there are delays, if seasonal issues are affecting delivery and so much more. You can use this tool to prevent frustration as customers are aware of any delays or stockouts before they buy.

The cost? There is a free forever version with limited functionality, as you upgrade it goes to $9.95 a month for unlimited use.

5. Bulk Discount Code Bot

Big benefit: One-time discounts per customer to reduce code churn and abuse

It can be frustrating when customers misuse discount codes as it costs you money and doesn’t really engender loyalty.

Using this tool, you can generate unique codes on demand for your customers – they get a personalized code that drives loyalty and engagement, and you cut back on code abuse.

The cost? The free version will get you started but after that you pay $19 a month for the Unlimited version or $99 for Unlimited Plus.

6. Locksmith

Big benefit: Customize and control content visibility based on specific conditions

Locksmith is another excellent tool for building customer engagement and creating a shopping ecosystem.

You can manage who accesses certain pages and products based on specific conditions such as tags or email addresses or passcodes.

You can create your own keys or use any one of the 24 currently available within the app.

The cost? The first 15 days are free and then it’s $12 a month for Basic Shopify, $29 a month for Shopify, $99 a month for Advanced Shopify and $199 a month for Shopify Plus.

7. Fablet

Big benefit: Make your e-commerce store instantly accessible on mobile devices

People like to shop on their mobile devices so make it easy for them to do just that with Fablet. This app optimizes your store for mobile with improved speed and accessibility.

You don’t need to know how to be a hardcore developer, you just use the app to take your store from the desktop and into your customer’s hands.

The cost? The free version gives you up to 2,500 products, but after that it’s $25 a month for Professional, $50 for Business and $100 for Business Plus.

8. Back In Stock – Restock Rocket

Big benefit: Delight your customers by letting them know that the products they want are back in stock

When your customers select the ‘Notify Me When Available’ button provided by this app, they really do get that notification on the channel of their choice.

This app lets you send alerts to customers the moment a product has returned to the shelf and it adds live chat support, multiple languages and multiple locations.

The cost? The Start plan is free but as you increase your usage, it goes to $4 a month for Lite, $12 for Standard and $20 for Premium.

9. Referral Candy & Affiliate

Big benefit: Build your brand with a smart referral program

Using this app, you can create your own referral program by engaging with your customers and rewarding them for their loyalty and for sharing your brand with others.

Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and this enhances that while giving back to your customers. It can be used across multiple markets and can be customized to suit your business.

The cost? Premium starts at $59 a month and it increases to $299 for Plus.

10. Keeper – Recover Abandoned Carts

Big benefit: Track customer carts across multiple devices

Want your customers to access their cart from any device?

This is exactly what Keeper does – it keeps the cart full across every login and device so they don’t need to restart their shop and are reminded of their purchases when they abandon and return.

It makes it easy for them to purchase while allowing you to reduce abandoned carts.

The cost? Free!

11. Instafeed – Instagram Feed

Big benefit: Create stunning Instagram feeds for your store

This app can turn your stock into Instagram feeds in under a minute.

These reels and Instagram photos are a great way to get your customer’s attention and showcase products that you may want to promote, old stock you may have on offer, or new stock you just got in.

You can optimize the layout yourself or use the built-in tools.

The cost? There is a free plan but if you want more bells and whistles the Pro Plan is $6 a month, and the Plus Plan is $19 a month.

12. Printful: Print on Demand

Big benefit: Print anything onto everything with print-on-demand dropshipping

You can start any type of printing business using this app.

It allows you to print items on demand using built-in tools and helps you from concept to printing to fulfillment and delivery. The app includes its own design tools and helps you from start to finish.

The cost? There is a free version but it’s limited, you will need to pay $24.99 for Printful Growth to get discounts, unlimited stores and free bonus services.

13. Etsy Integration – QuickSync

Big benefit: Make sure all your listing information is synchronized from store to shelf

This app is all about making your Etsy life as simple as possible.

Use it to ensure your inventory, products and orders are synced so you can minimize the risk of errors and customer frustrations. Transfer listings between channels and manage your listings in Etsy.

The app uses the Etsy API and allows you to automate syncing, import and export products, and manage up to 30,000 products.

The cost? It will cost you $29 a month to use all these benefits.

14. Bold Discounts – The Sales App

Big benefit: Drive sales and engagement with smart tools and promotions

Do you want to launch flash sales? Thinking of doing customized discount codes? Want to run a sales collection?

Well, all these are included in the Bold Discounts app which lets you create your own discounts, build countdown timers, run promotions and plan your sales with scheduling tools. You can even create collections based on specific tags.

The cost? This app has only one price which is $19.99 a month with a 14-day free trial.

15. Shogun – Landing Page Builder

Big benefit: Build landing pages and shopping experiences easily

Smart and easy to use, Shogun helps you build customer experiences within your own e-commerce ecosystem. You can build different landing pages and journeys for A/B testing, you can personalize experiences, you can hyper-personalize content, and you can enjoy real-time insights into your brand and customer behaviors.

The cost? This tool starts at $99 a month for Build, $199 a month for Grow and $499 a month for Advanced.

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Take Your E-commerce Business Further

These Shopify apps are designed to help you really refine your e-commerce store, but there are other tools you can also use to enhance your business.

As you grow, you may want to streamline your workflows and boost your productivity which means you will enjoy this list of highly recommended automation tools

Or you may want to know how to get more from your Shopify experience. In our recent post, we go into the value of using Shopify Plus over Shopify to help you get more value for your e-commerce store and we also dig into the cost of Shopify Plus and how it can benefit you.

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