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All the Ways We Made Veeqo Even Better in 2019 (And What’s Coming in 2020)

What a year it’s been here at Veeqo.

We’ve rapidly scaled and improved the Veeqo product after securing a £3.3 million growth investment back in March. Meaning 2019 was a huge opportunity for us to take our software to the next level.

The result?

Hundreds of updates, new features, BETA releases and bug fixes.

So let’s take a deeper look back at some of them (and what’s in store for 2020).

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New features launched in 2019

Last year saw a whole host of new features in Veeqo. Here’s a look at some of the headline ones…

1) Amazon Shipping integration

Amazon shipping

Our new Amazon Shipping integration was released back in October. Meaning Veeqo Retailers in the UK can now ship orders from any channel through Amazon Shipping’s next-day delivery service!

  • Use Veeqo to ship orders from any channel via Amazon Shipping, starting from 20 parcels a day.
  • No extra fees for residential delivery, peak times, fuel surcharge, or to deliver on weekends.
  • Connect your account in Veeqo and start shipping straight away.

To find out more about Amazon Shipping in Veeqo click here. And you can also see our help guide here on getting it set up.

2) Veeqo Wholesale

Veeqo Wholesale has been in BETA over the past few months. We’ve been busy putting it to the test so Veeqo Retailers can get the best out of all of the new features.

A few Wholesale highlights include:

  • Raise new B2B customer orders quickly in a single place.
  • Offer different pricing and discounts for different business customers.
  • Generate new B2B invoices, and email them directly to your customers.
  • Add a ‘pay now’ button to your invoices or take payments over the phone.
  • Manage all of your invoices in one place via our wholesale invoice screen.

Head to our Veeqo Wholesale page to learn more about how Veeqo can help streamline your B2B ecommerce operation.

3) User Permissions

A successful retail business is nothing without the team that drives it. But every single staff member doesn’t need access to every little piece of company info.

That’s why we’re excited to have launched User Permissions in Veeqo in 2019. Allowing you to:

  • Control which specific areas and actions in Veeqo other team members have access to.
  • Assign one of seven pre-defined roles to your staff, so you can toggle permissions for multiple users in one go.
  • Save time by using our default permission settings for each pre-defined role, then tweak each one as necessary to suit your individual requirements.

Take a look at how it all works with our help guide here if you’re already a Veeqo Retailer.

4) Veeqo Returns

How you handle returns can be the difference between a customer buying again or running to your competitors. So you need a management system you can rely on.

That’s why we were excited to launch brand new Veeqo Returns at the beginning of the year.

Veeqo returns giff

It allows you to manage your entire returns process in one place – giving support, warehouse and finance teams a single view every step of the way. And allowing them to:

  • Create customer return requests in Veeqo.
  • Manage all returned items in one place.
  • Refund orders either partially or in-full.
  • Trigger partial refund payments to Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce.

All putting an end to confusing spreadsheets and long email threads to make it so much easier to give your customers the quick, seamless and accurate returns experience they crave.

Learn more about Veeqo Returns here. Or head to the help guide on getting started if you’re already a Veeqo Retailer.

5) Inventory Forecast

Our inventory forecast report was released back in June. Allowing Veeqo Retailers to develop accurate re-order forecasts based on their previous sales history, current stock, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress.

We also connected it with purchase orders to allow you to easily re-order from your suppliers, by email, in a few clicks.

  • Forecast based on sales history or fixed minimum stock quantity.
  • Set a default supplier, their lead time and the cost price for each of your products.
  • Easily adjust the forecast to factor in any uplift in sales for the next period.
  • Create purchase orders in bulk.
  • View your incoming stock quantity and stock being transferred out/in from another warehouse.

Check out more on Veeqo Inventory Forecast here, or head to the help guide for set up instructions.

6) Stock Transfer

Another feature released near the beginning of the year was stock transfer. So if you already have more than one physical warehouse, you can now easily transfer stock between them in Veeqo:

Stock Transfer

This means you can ensure products are delivered to customers in the fastest way possible, and that items are shared instead of overstocking.

  • Create warehouse-to-warehouse transfers while seeing stock levels for each location.
  • View stock that’s currently in-transit to and from each warehouse.
  • Maintain accurate stock histories with automatic updates when a transfer is made.
  • Keep track of which team members are creating and receiving transfers.

Take a look at how it all works in our stock transfer help guides here.

7) Android app update

Android app update

We made a big update to our Android app in September – meaning your smartphone now has the same capability as our Veeqo Scanner.

The new update streamlined our app’s existing features and gave Veeqo Retailers access to brand new functionality, including:

  • Booking in stock. Use the camera on your smartphone to scan new inventory when it arrives in the warehouse.
  • Cycle stock take. A streamlined interface for quick and easy stock takes.
  • Batch picking. Pick a high volume of customer orders quickly and accurately using your smartphone.

Find out more about what the Veeqo smartphone app can do here, and also check out our help guides on how to get the most out of it.

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Coming in 2020

We might have had a big 2019. But the plans for the coming year are even bigger.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Veeqo Retailers…

1) New orders and product screens

We’ve rebuilt the Order and Products screens in Veeqo from the ground up to make them faster and easier to use. The update means every member of your team can get the information they need as quickly and simply as possible.

Orders and product page

Here are the highlights:

  • Apply multiple filters for a refined search.
  • See the filters you have selected at the top of the screen.
  • More filters to choose from.
  • Faster load time.

Find out more by reading our help guides here.

2) Update iOS app with digital picking & book in stock

IOS app update

We are excited to announce that in 2020 our iOS app will be getting a big update too. New features for Veeqo Retailers include:

  • Book in new stock. Use the camera on your smartphone to scan new inventory when it arrives in the warehouse.
  • Cycle stock take. A streamlined interface for quick and easy inventory counts and stock takes.
  • Batch picking. Pick a high volume of customer orders quickly and accurately using your smartphone.

3) Improved US shipping functionality

We are doing some big things in Veeqo to improve our US shipping functionality. Some of the features we will be working on include:

  • Saved package presets.
  • View weights in pounds and ounces on the bulk shipping screen.
  • Detect shipping address errors.

These features (along with a huge list of others) are being worked on this year to make shipping with Veeqo in the US as streamlined as possible.

4) More flexible allocation

We’ll also be working on adding more flexibility in how Veeqo Retailers are able to allocate stock to their orders.

This will include:

  • Order routing by location.
  • Creating custom allocation rules.
  • Automatically allocating backorders.

And much more!

5) Improvements to digital picking

picking batch screen

We’ll also be improving our digital picking functionality in 2020. So you and your team can have even more control over your warehouse operations.

Some of the features include:

  • View/reset/re-assign picking batches.
  • Handle multiple barcodes for the same product in digital picking.
  • More efficient location sorting for digital picking.

A year we’re proud of. An even better one to come…

Last year was amazing for us at Veeqo – with so many big feature releases and improvements for the retailers using our software. But 2020 looks to be our best year yet.

We’ll also be releasing a monthly blog post throughout 2020 rounding up all the latest updates and releases to Veeqo. Make sure to sign up to our email list to get this sent straight to your inbox every month:

If you can’t wait that long, head over to the Veeqo Changelog for daily updates on all our latest features.

Discover how Veeqo can transform your multichannel inventory & shipping

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