Veeqo partners with delivery and transport management app STREAM

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Veeqo and STREAM


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We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with cloud-based delivery and transport management solution STREAM.

STREAM is developed by Leeds-based Proximity and is designed for companies with complex and challenging delivery requirements.

At Veeqo, our goal is to help retailers grow their business by providing online retailers with a powerful, all-in-one platform to help increase sales.

This new partnership between Veeqo and STREAM allows for a direct integration between the two platforms, smoothing out the entire inventory and delivery management process.

Businesses who need to manage inventory, ecommerce listing and delivery of products to customers with their own vehicles will particularly benefit from the integration of Veeqo with STREAM.


The STREAM application includes two-man home delivery, own vehicle-based deliveries, emergency parts and repair services, assembly and same day delivery services.

The solution provides map-based route optimisation, a mobile driver app, an innovative customer gateway, proactive email, SMS updates, and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).


“We are excited about integrating Veeqo with STREAM,” said Dave Pickburn, Director at Proximity. “Businesses who need to manage inventory, ecommerce listing and deliver products to customers with their own vehicles will particularly benefit from the integration of Veeqo”.


Matt Warren, CEO and Founder at Veeqo added:

“Our mission at Veeqo is to become the best possible platform for retailers to grow their business. This integration with STREAM provides a brand new way for people using our software to get their products delivered to their customers all over the UK.”

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