Veeqo Academy & What is Self-Fulfillment?

This usually involves leasing a warehouse space and hiring a team of pickers and packers while incorporating a system or piece of software to manage orders, inventory and shipping.

Advantages of self-fulfillment

  • Complete control: The whole pick, pack and ship process is handled in house so you have total control of the experience you provide for customers.

  • Can be the most economical option: For some businesses, self-fulfillment can bring greater control than dropshipping and be a lower cost option than a third party logistics (3PL) provider.

  • Negotiated shipping rates

    . Businesses shipping a high volume of orders can benefit from competitive and discounted rates.

  • Stronger branding opportunity

    . Fully customize packaging material to reflect your brand identity and make order fulfillment a great marketing opportunity.

Disadvantages of self-fulfillment

  • Time consuming: Setting up, overseeing and maintaining a self-fulfilled distribution network takes more time and effort than other fulfillment methods.

  • Can be costly: For fast growing businesses it will likely become necessary to need warehouse space, staff, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and shipping software.

  • Complicated to expand: Expanding globally means setting up warehouses in different regions to avoid paying significant shipping costs and taxes.

  • Lack of scalability: For smaller or individual sellers with increasing orders attempting to match the resources of typical marketplaces, scaling your business is difficult.

  • Limited product range: You’re limited to selling only the products purchased and stored in your own facilities.

Who is self-fulfillment best for?

Self-fulfillment looks very different depending on the size and budget of a company and can be great if you have the funds to make it work. It’s perfectly suited to heavily brand-focused businesses who need complete control of their processes in order to maintain a strong image and reputation.

For single retailers with significantly less resources, self-fulfillment means being able to run a business without having to hire any staff or pay extra fees.

Who should avoid self-fulfillment?

Committing to self-fulfillment usually means a large capital outlay on warehouse leasing, machinery, staff and software. So relatively cash-poor early stage businesses who aren’t too heavily focussed on building a brand may do better by avoiding this method.

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