Smart inventory forecasting for retailers of any size.

Veeqo’s inventory forecasting enables retailers of any size to develop more accurate forecasts to help them better manage their inventory levels.

Veeqo - setting serious retail brands free
Veeqo - setting serious retail brands free

Inventory Forecast Overview

Veeqo provides the ability to automatically forecast what stock you should purchase based on your previous sales history and re-order automatically to your suppliers.

Increased Accuracy

Veeqo’s algorithm ensures your demand forecast is optimised.

Reduced Stock-Outs

Inventory Forecasting uses data to reduce stock-out situations.

Faster Re-ordering

Purchases are automatically sent by email to suppliers.

Supplier Management

Veeqo allows you to spend more time on your business.

How inventory forecast works

Smart Inventory Forecasting

You can quickly forecast your inventory requirements based on your previous sales history, current stock levels, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress.

You can then easily adjust the forecast to factor in any uplift in sales for the next period.

Filter by Warehouse, Suppliers or Tags

Filter your forecast by any Warehouse, Suppliers or by Product Tags. Export and share your forecasts through a CSV file.

Control how much stock can be ordered by setting your products minimum and maximum re-order levels.

Create and send purchase orders by email

Automatically create multiple purchase orders that can then be instantly sent to your suppliers by email.

Your purchase orders are automatically matched to your products default supplier.

Choose to add your re-orders to existing Purchase Orders.