Enterprise-level returns functionality for retailers of any size

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and long email threads by connecting your customer service, warehouse and finance teams to a returns portal that everyone can use.

Give your customers a seamless returns experience that keeps them coming back

Manage every return in Veeqo from start to finish. Create returns, record the reason, easily update stock and issue refunds – all from one platform.

Respond to your customers quickly

  • Answer customer questions immediately about where their order is by viewing the exact status for each allocation.

  • Automate emails to keep customers informed at each step of their return or refund being processed.Coming soon

  • Create flexible return requests, based on what the customer wants. Manage whether the customer wants to return and refund seperately or together.

  • Take fast action on undeliverable returns sent back by carriers. Reach out to your customer, then re-ship to their correct address.

Seller handling customer returns
Returns process in Veeqo

Manage stock returned in one place for all teams to see

  • Receive stock against a return request created by the customer service team. If a request doesn’t exist, simply receive stock against the order to create a request ready for customer service to action.

  • Mark each returned item’s condition for everyone in the company to see. If it’s in a sellable condition, restock it and it’ll become available for sale. If damaged, log the condition notes and write it off completely.

  • Automatically update the return request – once the stock condition has been logged, the request is ready for the next steps to be taken. Cut out other teams chasing to see what’s been received.

Easy integrations. Effortless ecommerce.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Rapidly take action on all transactions that need refunds

  • Filter returns to ‘Ready to Refund’ to see everything you need to make full or partial payments against orders.

  • See full refund history of what’s already been paid, what’s owed to the customer and why it’s being refunded.

  • Keep things moving and let customer service know automatically when a payment has been made. Don’t let order and payment details get lost in email threads.

  • Automatically update sales channel with the return and refund details.

Customer returns order in a box

Veeqo helps retailers offer a great returns experience for their customers

Flexible refunds

Create full or partial refunds for individual order items. You can adjust any item’s refund depending on its condition when returned.

Common return reasons

Select from a range of typical reasons to record on your returns – such as damaged in transit, missing items or buyer’s remorse.

Return status

See the exact progress of each return request – with statuses like “returning” and “ready to refund” for your Customer Service and Accounting teams to take action on.

Additional refund amount

Keep your customers happy by adding an extra amount to their refund for reimbursing any shipping fees or other associated costs.

Re-ship to a different address

Choose a new delivery address for any re-shipped orders to ensure customers receive it second time around.

Returns reporting

Pinpoint how to reduce returns by digging deep into the common reasons for customers sending orders back.

Want to know more?

A few of the questions we get most often.

Why is Veeqo Free?

Veeqo benefits from referring sellers to shipping carriers. Veeqo passes this benefit back to our sellers in the form of giving sellers Veeqo for free. It’s all part of our mission to help sellers, like you, stay a step ahead.

Will Amazon see my off Amazon sales data?

Amazon will not have access to sellers’ product sales data for off-Amazon sales. Veeqo’s seller information will only be accessed by Amazon to the extent necessary to provide and improve Veeqo’s services or to assess and manage logistics provider performance. Veeqo’s seller information is secured against inappropriate loss, access, or disclosure.

What are power features and are they free?

Power features are inventory management, mobile picking and analytics tools, which are free to use but access to them are subject to our Fair Usage Policy for Power Features of buying the majority of your shipping labels in Veeqo. We will provide monthly updates on your quota usage and give you time and flexibility to meet the quota, but reserve the right to deny access to power features. There are zero fees.

Why does Veeqo need my credit card information?

Veeqo provides a simple way for sellers to buy shipping labels. We take credit card information for this reason only.

Does Veeqo work with all my stores?

Veeqo is integrated with a variety of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and 3PL providers. See a full list of our integrations here.

Can I still use Veeqo if I don’t want to sell on Amazon?

Yes! Veeqo’s mission is to help sellers get a step ahead, wherever they sell.

I’m setting up this process for the first time, can you help show me the best way?

Yes. Our knowledge center offers written and video content to help you get started. If you need some extra help, our customer success team are standing by ready to help by email, chat, or call.

I’m a UK seller. Is Veeqo available from today for me too?

Yes, Veeqo is available today in the UK for free. Sellers can connect their own carrier rates and start shipping.

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