Fulfilment by Amazon Integration

Automatically ship your eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce orders via FBA in Veeqo

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Key features

A Seamless FBA Integration

No need to manually import or export anything - shipping your ecommerce orders via FBA is all managed directly in Veeqo

Automatic Inventory Syncing

As soon as Amazon receives your stock, Veeqo updates inventory levels across all yours sales channels and marketplaces in real-time

Total Visibility

Veeqo gives you a complete view of all inventory levels across an unlimited number of warehouses - including your own, and Amazon’s

Use Veeqo to automate your multichannel fulfilment with Amazon FBA

Relying on Amazon FBA for your multichannel fulfilment is a great way to take the hard work out of shipping your ecommerce orders. Amazon takes care of everything, so you can focus on what’s most important – growing your ecommerce business.

Veeqo makes Amazon FBA even easier. We streamline multiple FBA processes, remove the need for manual imports/exports, and provide retailers with complex reporting capabilities on a SKU-by-SKU basis.

“Veeqo has taken the hard work out of the way we run our multichannel fulfilment. Amazon FBA is good on it's own - with Veeqo it's a game-changer.”

Joel Miller
Warehouse Director, Adaptabiz

More reasons retailers love our FBA integration

FBA Reporting

Track the performance of all your multichannel fulfilment orders sent via FBA

Complete Control

Whether you’d prefer to fully automate the FBA process, or manually ship everything order-by-order, Veeqo gives you total control

Stock Levels

Accurate stock levels across all your online stores, marketplaces and warehouses that can be trusted 100%

Marked as Shipped

As soon as one of your orders is shipped, we’ll automatically mark them as shipped and notify your customers

FBA Accounting

Veeqo seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks, allowing for quick & simple accounting of your FBA shipments

International Shipping

Ship your parcels all over the world with Amazon FBA – being an international multichannel retailer has never been easier

World-class ecommerce integrations

Veeqo integrates perfectly with the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and shipping partners

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  • Bigcommerce integration
  • ebay integration
  • woocommerce integration
  • Magento integration
  • ukmail integration

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