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Join hundreds of brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

Join the hundreds of retail brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

WooCommerce Xero Integration + WooCommerce Xero Integration

WooCommerce Xero Inventory Integration

Sync your WooCommerce orders to Xero in one click

WooCommerce Xero Inventory Integration

WooCommerce Xero Inventory Integration Key Features

Use Veeqo to export all online order, product, payment and new customer data from WooCommerce to Xero in real time

Export WooCommerce data in one click

Sync all your WooCommerce store sales, inventory & new customer data to Veeqo and export to Xero accounting software in one click.

Use Veeqo to automatically create a sales invoice in Xero every time a new WooCommerce store sale is made

Turn orders into Xero invoices

Veeqo captures order data from every WooCommerce store and channel then syncs directly to your Xero account for easy sales invoice creation.

Add a new PO in Veeqo and auto generate a new supplier invoice using Xero

Sync and track all purchase orders

Create and track POs directly in Veeqo and we'll automatically generate supplier invoices in your Xero online accounting software.

Eternal Beauty

“With Veeqo we save an average of 60-90 minutes every day. We are able to better keep track of our invoices, meaning that we have less paper to deal with, and the link with Xero means we can approve and post the invoices - a perfect combination.”

Ben England - Eternal Beauty

Ben England - Eternal Beauty

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WooCommerce Xero Integration + WooCommerce Xero Integration

Reasons to love Veeqo’s WooCommerce Xero inventory integration

All-in-one retail system

Veeqo is an all-in-one solution allowing omnichannel retailers to manage their orders, inventory, shipping, warehousing and entire business from a single place.

Track average cost prices

Veeqo makes it simple to track average cost prices for every piece of inventory in your business - and seamlessly syncs all the info to Xero.

Keep profit sheets updated

Veeqo automatically moves inventory from the balance sheet to your P&L account after each sale is made on any of your channels.

Automate your profit calculations

Set cost prices in Veeqo and we’ll automatically calculate cost of goods sold (COGS) for every Xero invoice - meaning reporting and accounts are always accurate.

Connect WooCommerce and Xero

Veeqo gives full control of how you connect WooCommerce and Xero. One click exports any orders to your Xero account - closed or awaiting shipment, paid or unpaid, with or without sales tax.

Reconcile orders with ease

Veeqo’s solid integration makes it easier than ever to match up and reconcile online orders from any sales channel with the corresponding payment in Xero.

Veeqo provides retailers with all the tools they need to sell and ship everywhere

Jaques London

“With Veeqo we processed 3x as many orders on our busiest day of the year”

Joe JaquesJoe Jaques, Jaques London
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