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Inventory Control

Multichannel stock sync

Veeqo automatically updates your sales channels in real-time as you buy, sell, add or transfer inventory.

Multi-warehouse stock

Track on-hand, incoming and available inventory across multiple retail stores and warehouses, including FBA.

Transfer stock

Easily transfer inventory between locations, while keeping track of incoming and outgoing units by location.

Make stock adjustments

Quickly make small changes to your inventory levels from damaged products or marketing giveaways.

Cycle stock takes

Perform cycle stock takes to maintain high inventory accuracy, without shutting down your warehouse. Available on Veeqo’s barcode scanner or the Android/iOS smartphone app.

Audit stock history

Know when your inventory levels changed, why and by whom. Audit stock history and enforce team accountability.

Handle returns

Veeqo replenishes stock levels when items are returned and approved to be resold.


Forecast demand

Automate purchasing decisions by setting reorder levels per product, or forecasting upcoming needs from past sales data.

One-click purchase orders

Create purchase orders for all products below reorder levels, with cost price and product codes included. Then send off to the supplier – all without ever touching a spreadsheet.

Track purchase orders

Have a clear view of what’s coming in and when. Mark POs as shipped and keep track of orders that haven’t been delivered, or only partially received.

Receive inventory

Receive inventory from suppliers or warehouse transfers, and get it booked in and ready for sale in record time. Available on desktop, Veeqo barcode scanners and the Android/iOS mobile app.

Store product costs

Veeqo tracks average cost price for each product, taking into account the purchase price and total costs. Veeqo updates average cost with each transaction, to help you accurately measure the true cost of goods.

Manage suppliers

A central place to store supplier details such as cost prices, product codes, address and bank details. See purchases and cost prices from each supplier at a glance.

Sync accounting data

Veeqo automatically creates supplier invoices in Xero and QuickBooks when purchase orders are raised.

Import via CSV

Easily import purchase orders and ship notices in bulk via CSV.

Product Management

View your catalogue

View your entire product catalogue in one place – with a simple snapshot of physical, on-hand and available inventory for sale.

Organise variants

Create and manage a range of variants for each product – such as multiple sizes, colours and more. Each variation can have its own price, dimensions, SKU, image and inventory.

Edit product details

Create and edit products the way it suits you best – pull directly from your sales channel, bulk import by CSV, or manually in Veeqo.

Create bundles

Virtually bundle products to be sold together for marketing promotions, without typing up stock in pre-packed kits.

Add barcodes

Assign barcodes to products and variants to easily track inventory and speed up fulfilment.

Update store prices

Save time by using Veeqo to bulk update product prices on select sales channels.

Inventory Insights

Run insightful reports

See a breakdown of your product data, and filter whichever way you like to get the best insights. Examine all your product info – including sales, stock, movement, cost price and much more.

Forecast upcoming demand

Accurately forecast your inventory requirements for upcoming periods. Veeqo stays precise by taking into account past sales history, current stock levels, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, back orders, and any stock transfers in progress.

View a KPI dashboard

Get a snapshot of all your key business stats on a single screen. View top selling products, sales from each channel, stock take progress, purchase order activity and sales channels orders.

Track inventory history

See a complete history of each product’s stock changes. Filter and search by product, warehouse, and even by user to see all the manual stock adjustments they’ve made.

Inventory Automation

Create order rules

Put repetitive tasks on autopilot with custom order rules. Automatically tag orders, print templates, add internal notes and set preferred shipping carriers and services.

Sync inventory to avoid overselling

Sell something on one channel, and Veeqo updates stock levels on all sales channels. Giving you a unified inventory figure that stays accurate across all the places you sell.

Manage back orders

Set orders to be withheld when inventory isn’t available, and release them when items are back in stock.

Split orders

Automatically split orders into portions that you can and can’t fulfil right now. Ship the items you have, and back order ones you don’t.

Route to warehouses

Ship faster by routing orders to specific warehouses based on sales channel or destination address. You can even set locations to fall back on when stock is running low at your preferred one.

Advertise low stock levels

Create urgency on your product pages by showing stock levels that are lower than inventory actually on-hand.

Barcode Scanner & App

Increase inventory accuracy

Receive, count and pick 100% digitally with Veeqo’s durable barcode scanner. Eliminate human error, create team accountability and get orders out the door faster.

View your business on the go

Get a snapshot of your sales, stock and orders any time you like with our smartphone app for Android or iOS.

Use your phone as a scanner

Receive inventory, conduct stock takes, pick orders and do everything our powerful Veeqo scanner can do – all from your mobile device.

Digital picking

Automatically line up order batches and assign them to your team –  so no more paper picking lists. Pickers are guided around the warehouse, and simply scan & pick for optimal accuracy.

Paperless stock takes

Scan a product barcode and use the Veeqo Scanner’s touchscreen to adjust inventory quantities on the spot.

Receive new stock

Use your Veeqo Scanner or smartphone camera to scan and book-in new inventory – so it’s ready for sale in record time.

Control products

Have complete visibility and control of your product catalogue via smartphone app. See exactly how well each SKU is selling, and view current inventory levels and pricing.

Manage orders

Create, control and manage any order from your smartphone with the Veeqo app. Search and filter, view a breakdown of order details, and add any internal or customer notes.

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