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Wholesale inventory management

Wholesale Inventory Management

Veeqo helps retailers of any size to easily create wholesale orders, manage prices for every customer, get invoices paid quickly, and keep their inventory in sync.

Wholesale inventory management

Take control of wholesale orders

Raise new B2B customer orders quickly in a single place.

Custom pricing

Offer different pricing and discounts for different business customers.

Easy invoicing

Generate new B2B invoices and email them directly to your customers.

Online Payments

Add a ‘pay now’ button to your invoices or take payments over the phone.

Sync inventory across 17+ different sales channels

How Veeqo can help grow your wholesale operation

Veeqo is a complete order management solution for retailers, helping them create and ship B2B wholesale orders alongside their B2C retail operation.

Create & manage wholesale orders

With Veeqo, you can easily create new B2B wholesale orders by phone or email, all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Simply add your products, set minimum order amounts and payment terms for every order. Then quickly send your wholesale order to be picked and shipped.

Set different pricing and discounts for each customer

With all your wholesale customers easily accessible in Veeqo, you can quickly manage the pricing and discount terms for each one.

Different price lists can be applied to any of your customers, giving you control over how much each of your customers pays you for their wholesale orders. You can also apply additional discounts when creating a new B2B order.

Add your logo to your wholesale invoices

The way you communicate your brand to wholesale customers is important. So, Veeqo makes it easy to add your brand’s logo to your B2B invoices.

Quickly email your invoices directly to your customer and see when they have viewed them online.

Get your B2B orders paid quickly

Once you’ve created a wholesale order, the invoice can include a ‘Pay Now’ button on the top, allowing your customers to pay for their B2B orders online.

For phone orders, you’re able to take card payments over the phone when the customer places the order directly with you.

View the payment status of every wholesale invoice

Never miss an overdue payment again. With Veeqo, you can easily view and manage all of your wholesale orders in one place – so it’s easy to see the status of your invoices.

Search or filter your invoices by draft, paid, unpaid, partially paid and overdue.

Ship wholesale orders with 21+ carriers

Optimise your shipping for wholesale orders by using Veeqo’s rules feature to set specific shipping carriers for your wholesale channels. Veeqo integrates with the world’s largest shipping carriers – including DHL, UPS, Parcelforce, APC Overnight, Royal Mail and more.

Shipping labels for your wholesale orders can be printed directly in Veeqo, and delivery notifications can be sent to your customers by email the moment the order leaves your warehouse.

Sync your inventory

When a wholesale order is raised, inventory levels for all your B2B and B2C sales channels are instantly updated so you will never oversell anywhere again.

“An absolutely fantastic tool that streamlines our multichannel sales process. Inventory is always correct and shipping takes so little time it’s like having an extra team member.”

Lee Simpson
Mountain Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple price lists in Veeqo?

Yes, Veeqo allows you to create as many price lists as you want. You can create a price list and apply it to a group of customers or you can apply it to just one customer. You have maximum flexibility in your pricing approach.

Can I apply discounts for my wholesale customers?

Yes you can apply a standard discount to a price list through editing the CSV file or when you create a wholesale customer you can apply a standard discount to all the prices.

Can I set a minimum order value to my wholesale customers?

You can set a minimum order value when you create a wholesale customer. An order will not be allowed to be completed until the transaction value passes over the minimum order amount.

Can I set different payment terms for my wholesale customers?

Yes you can select different payment terms when you create a wholesale customer and adjust it if needed when an order is created.

How do I set-up my invoices to be paid online?

With your Veeqo premium account, you can add a payment gateway in the ‘Settings’ menu. Once connected the ‘Pay Now’ button will be automatically added to the online invoices you send..

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