Choosing Your Packing Material

Picking the ideal packing material is an essential part of any order fulfillment and shipping process. The main objective being to adequately protect package contents while keeping weight and expenses to a minimum.

Commonly used packing materials

  • Bubble wrap. Two layers wrapped around products held together by sellotape. (Protection rating: 75%)

  • Packaging peanuts. Biodegradable or recycled foam peanuts. (Protection rating: 90%)

  • Shredded paper. Cheap and lightweight, but has limited protection. (Protection rating: 50%)

  • Crunched paper. Paper from dispenser crunched by packer, limited protection. (Protection rating: 50%)

  • Shredded wool. Lightweight and loose fill wool, limited shock protection. (Protection rating: 60%)

  • Air pillow. Plastic bags filled with air, very lightweight and good protection but work to inflate bags is required. (Protection rating: 90%)

How to choose packing material

Shipping glassware is going to warrant better quality packaging material than shipping a stuffed toy. So it’s worth analysing your product catalogue to determine the range of packaging materials you need to have available as well as keeping a record of items damaged during delivery.

Understanding your audience is useful to keep in mind when choosing packaging and style, bearing in mind that some customers appreciate eco-friendly packaging. It’s also worth noting the practicality of packaging, as needlessly causing a customer difficulty accessing their product can be frustrating, and could cause them to think twice when buying from you again.

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