Setting Up a Royal Mail Business Account

A Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA) is a service that can be used by Royal Mail business customers.

It brings a number of benefits and perks, including access to business rates and a platform to manage Royal Mail shipping in one place.

Benefits of a Royal Mail Business Account

  • Multiple orders. Ship multiple orders at once and create templates for future Royal Mail business transactions through your OBA account.

  • Accurate costs. Make sure you’re using the right service for each shipment without over or under paying.

  • Easy payment. Get invoiced for shipments done over regular periods, rather than paying every time you dispatch a parcel.

  • Easy invoicing. View all invoices for the past 18 months to easily keep track of your spending.

  • Access control. Grant access to employees and relevant team members for them to create shipments on your behalf.

  • Mailing reports. Identify mailing patterns by seeing valuable reports, such as complete overview, sales order, trend analysis and invoice reports.

How to open a Royal Mail Online Business Account

Royal Mail OBA is available to all business contract customers and there are no additional fees involved in opening an account. However, your business will need to either send at least 1,000 shipments each year or spend a minimum of £5,000 over the same period. If your business qualifies, you can get started by filling in the form here. Once this is complete, a Royal Mail representative will get in touch to verify and discuss your application requirements. If successful, your Royal Mail Online Business Account should then be fully set up within 10 to 30 business days. You can find more information on the Royal Mail OBA Support Hub.

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