The Best Shopify Shipping Apps for 2020

To help you find the right Shopify shipping app, we researched and analyzed dozens of options. Here is a roundup of our 2020 best picks for Shopify shipping software and an explanation of how we chose them.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Numerous integrations
  • Numerous integrations
  • Good mobile app
  • Free USPS plan
  • Marketing add-ons
  • Good integrations
  • Per label pricing
  • Live checkout
  • Good for international

Navigating through different Shopify shipping apps can be a tedious process. To help you save a little time, we’ve researched different opinions and collected what we think are the top five Shopify shipping apps for online retailers in 2020.

1. Veeqo – Best Overall

Veeqo has a seamless integration with Shopify as well as various other channels like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can then print high volume shipping labels in bulk for a range of carriers – including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps: Veeqo

Standard features include everything that would be expected:

  • Bulk label printing
  • Lowest possible USPS rates
  • Multichannel orders
  • Tracking numbers
  • Workflow automations
  • Smartphone app
  • Return labels

But what really sets Veeqo apart from the other Shopify shipping apps is its easy-to-use platform, free forever pricing option and high quality support – via email, chat, and phone. There’s also advanced inventory and warehouse functionality on paid plans, making it the perfect all-round management solution for online retailers.

Pricing: Starts at $156 per month for 500 orders per month

2. ShipStation

ShipStation platform

ShipStation is a well regarded software allowing you to print shipping labels, automate workflows and manage tracking numbers. There’s a range of integrations to sales channels and shipping carriers. You’ll also get discounted rates, a fairly straightforward platform, and access to an excellent mobile app.

However, ShipStation is mainly kept off the top spot by its support limitations. There’s no live chat option for lower price plans, and phone support is available only to enterprise customers. There’s a basic inventory add-on, but larger retailers will likely need to use a stronger app to manage this side of their operation.

Pricing: Starts at $9 for 50 shipments per month

3. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy platform

ShippingEasy connects to Shopify, plus a number of other ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. You’ll then be able to print labels with a variety of carriers, manage tracking numbers, create automated workflows, handle return labels and also benefit from USPS discounts.

There’s also inventory management and several built-in marketing tools available at extra cost, allowing you to do things like collect reviews and send email campaigns. But limitations include only being available for shipments originating in the US, no international return label functionality, and a slightly confusing interface for first-time users.

Pricing: Free (USPS only) to $99 a month, extra for marketing and inventory

4. Shippo

Shippo platform

Shippo offers label printing, a range of platform and carrier integrations, discounted USPS rates, and workflow automations. You can manage tracking and create return labels. Plus, you’re able to connect a range of sales channels and carriers.

There’s also a pay-as-you-go pricing option, allowing you to pay only for each label that’s printed and used – which is great for lower volume merchants. However, limitations include a slightly complicated set up process, along with minimal benefits for shipments originating outside the US. There’s also no inventory functionality at all, meaning multichannel sellers will need to use a different app to manage this.

Pricing: Starts at 5¢ per label, or $10-$125 a month

5. EasyShip

EasyShip platform

EasyShip is another good option – again allowing users to print labels from a range of carriers, manage tracking and create workflows. EasyShip also has a strong track record for international shipping due to relevant taxes being applied in its ‘live checkout’ feature.

However, EasyShip’s interface is reported to be slightly more complicated and buggy than other softwares – and phone support is only available to those on its Premier plan.

Pricing: Free to $49 a month

In conclusion

In truth, any of these Shopify shipping apps would be a viable solution for most merchants. All have a variety of sales channel & carrier integrations, USPS discounts, and allow you to manage tracking and automate workflows to some degree.

But the ‘free forever’ price tag and quality support has Veeqo coming out on top. Plus, the ability to upgrade to its industry-leading inventory and WMS features when needed makes Veeqo the most logical choice as best Shopify shipping app for 2020.

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