Seamless inventory management and forecasting to grow your multichannel retail brand.

Keep your inventory 100% accurate across all your sites, marketplaces and physical stores in real-time. Make a sale anywhere and get instantly updated stock levels everywhere.

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Veeqo - setting serious retail brands free

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Inventory Management in Veeqo

  • Multi-Warehouse Routing
  • Inventory Forecasting

Multichannel Inventory Syncing

Sync inventory across multiple stores, marketplaces, and warehouses in real-time so you never oversell again. Make a sale anywhere and Veeqo instantly updates your inventory levels everywhere.

Connor Doughty, Sock Snob

“We ship 60k customer orders per month from 17 different sales channels. Managing our inventory just wouldn't be possible without Veeqo - it makes everything so much easier.”Connor Doughty, Sock Snob quote

Multi-Warehouse Routing

Ship faster by connecting your sales channels to a specific warehouse. Select alternative warehouses and Veeqo will automatically switch inventory when your stocks are running low.

"An absolutely fantastic tool that streamlines our multi-channel sales process. Inventory is always correct and shipping takes so little time its like having an extra team member."Lee Simpson, Mountain Dog quote

Inventory Forecasting

Automatically forecast what stock you should purchase based on your previous sales history, and quickly re-order new inventory from your suppliers.

"Before Veeqo everything took ages. It is great to find a system that can grow with our company. We are able to better keep track of inventory, manage orders and integrate postage labels with invoices."Ben England, Eternal Beauty quote

Sync inventory from every sales channel

Veeqo directly integrates with the world's most popular ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and POS systems.

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Multichannel Inventory Management Features

Warehouse Inventory Transfer

Veeqo makes it easy to balance your stock perfectly across multiple warehouses with inventory transfer.

Create warehouse-to-warehouse transfers knowing the exact stock levels for both locations when sending and receiving - including inventory that’s currently in transit.

Warehouse Inventory Transfer

Automated Purchasing Management

With Veeqo Purchasing, we’ve revolutionised the way you can buy from your suppliers – so you never end up over or under-stocked. Organise, forecast, purchase and track orders, book in stock and sync everything into your accounting software – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Automated Purchasing Management

Cycle Stocktake with the Veeqo Scanner

Carry out your inventory checks using the Veeqo Scanner without having to shut down the entire warehouse.

Cycle stock takes in Veeqo are fast & paperless, meaning you minimise your operational disruption and improve the accuracy of your inventory levels. Just scan a product in the warehouse, enter the quantity and everything is instantly synced into Veeqo. The entire process is fast and completely mobile – meaning your team isn’t tied to a computer.

Cycle Stocktake with the Veeqo Scanner

Easily book-in and sync your inventory

Veeqo Scanner

Perfect stock taking

As soon as new stock arrives, use the Veeqo Scanner to book everything in and sync it automatically to your inventory.

Speed up your stock-taking tasks

Keep inventory synced across multiple warehouses

Balance your inventory across any number of domestic, international or Amazon FBA warehouses. Everything is tracked in real-time with correct stock levels shown across all stores and marketplaces.

Keep inventory synced across multiple warehouses

Inventory automation rules

You can control exactly how much inventory to display for each of your sales channels by setting automatic rules. Choose to set the quantity to advertise, minimum quantity or as a percentage of your inventory.

Inventory automation rules

Create product bundles

Easily combine your products together to sell in kits and bundles to sell on any sales channel. Veeqo automatically keeps your inventory levels perfectly synced in real-time.

Create product bundles

More Multichannel Inventory Features for Retailers

View detailed performance reports

Run inventory, sales, and fulfillment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

Take control of warehouse management

Use Veeqo’s advanced Warehouse Management System features to organise, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed.

Connect physical stores

Connect Shopify POS or Vend point of sale systems to integrate sales and inventory from any number of physical stores to Veeqo.

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data from every channel directly into your Xero, Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

Easily manage purchase orders

Create, manage and track all suppliers and purchase orders in one place. When new stock arrives, book it in quickly with the Veeqo Scanner.

Run a cloud-based operation

Access Veeqo’s cloud-based software from anywhere with an internet connection - via desktop, tablet or smartphone app.

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

“With Veeqo we processed 3x as many orders on our busiest day of the year”

"Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning"

"The best order management service out there overall. I would highly recommend Veeqo, they've created a fluid application."