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Veeqo Features
A single platform that gives you complete control of your entire inventory – no matter how many sales channels or warehouses you operate from
Sync inventory across 17+ different sales channels
Inventory automation

Put your everyday stock tasks on autopilot

Order Rules
Create custom order rules to automatically tag orders, print templates, add internal notes and set preferred shipping carriers and services.
Inventory Syncing
When you sell something on one channel, Veeqo automatically updates inventory levels on all sales channels – giving you a unified inventory that stays accurate across all the places you sell.
Order Routing
Automatically fulfill orders from different warehouses using custom prioritization.
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We ship 60k customer orders per month from 17 different sales channels. Managing our inventory just wouldn’t be possible without Veeqo – it makes everything so much easier.

Connor Doughty
Ecommerce Director, Sock Snob
Product Management

Create and edit products from one place

Kits and bundles
Virtually bundle products to be sold together for marketing promotions, without typing up stock in pre-packed kits.
Product variants
Create and manage a wide range of variants for each product – such as multiple sizes, colors and more. Each variation can have its own price, dimensions, SKU, image and inventory.
Product catalogue
View your entire product catalogue in one place – with a simple snapshot of your physical, on-hand and available inventory for sale.
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We have been using Veeqo for our inventory for 3 years now – it’s made dealing with our orders so much faster.

Joe Jaques
Commercial Director, Jaques London
The complete guide to inventory management

Get the complete guide to inventory managementt

Learn to easily control your retail inventory with our inventory management guide - 10 in-depth chapters that will teach you all you need to know.

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