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Join hundreds of brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

Join the hundreds of retail brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

Veeqo Inventory Management Software

Veeqo Inventory Management Software

Veeqo Inventory Management Software

America’s #1 inventory management software for fast-growing retail brands

Sync inventory across every sales channel in real-time… and never oversell again.

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Key Inventory Management Software Features

Real-time Inventory Control

Veeqo syncs inventory across all your stores, sites and marketplaces in real-time - so you never oversell again. Make a sale anywhere and Veeqo instantly updates stock everywhere.

Multiple Warehouses

Keep inventory balanced across any number of warehouses and locations. Track everything in real-time with correct stock levels still shown on every sales channel.

Automatic Stock Rules

Control exactly how much stock shows for each of your stores by setting automatic rules. Giving you complete confidence your inventory levels are always 100% accurate.

The Veeqo app makes tracking inventory and order fulfilment simple for large and small businesses
Flawless Vape

“The best thing about using Veeqo for inventory management is that I don’t have to spend two hours every morning trying to resolve orders we’ve taken for out-of-stock items. I can actually spend that time doing my real job - growing the business.”

Peter Sherriff - Flawless Vape

Peter Sherriff - Flawless Vape

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An Advanced Inventory Management System

An Advanced Inventory Management System

Veeqo makes it simple for omnichannel retailers to keep track of inventory with real-time precision. Our all-in-one solution lets you manage orders in one place, keep inventory levels 100% accurate, pick, pack and ship with speed and accuracy and view sophisticated sales reports - all in a single platform.

An inventory system to keep track of and save time in your entire supply chain


Inventory software you can trust

Sync inventory together with all your physical stores, ecommerce sites, marketplaces and warehouses in real-time so you never oversell again.
Veeqo’s inventory software provides complete price control from one central place


Adjust the price of any product from a single platform

Update product pricing on your online store, Amazon, eBay and all other sales channels in real-time from one easy-to-use platform.
An inventory management system to track any number of items and warehouses from one central place


Keep inventory perfectly synced across multiple warehouses

Balance inventory across any number of domestic, international or Amazon FBA warehouses - with correct stock levels still showing on each sales channel.
Better support pickers by directing them to specific locations for all your goods and items


Pinpoint exactly where any item is located in your warehouse

Veeqo knows exactly where your stock is located – broken down by aisle, shelf and bin location. Meaning you can instantly find any item with pinpoint accuracy.
Create bundles of your goods to sell to customers still with perfect inventory and order management


Create product bundles and still keep inventory balanced

Easily combine products together to sell in kits and bundles on any sales channel - with inventory still perfectly synced in real-time.
Set rules to better control stock on each of your stores according to customer demand


Control exactly how much stock shows for each of your stores

Set rules controlling the amount of stock shown on each of your stores – giving you complete confidence your inventory levels are 100% accurate.
A complete history of entire supply chain processes for large and small business


Identify problems instantly with a complete inventory history

Veeqo gives a complete history of every single interaction with your inventory - making it simple to get to the root of any problems or inaccuracies.
Make key edits to your entire inventory data in bulk


Bulk edit your entire inventory in just a few clicks

Just export to a spreadsheet, complete the edits and import back into Veeqo in no time at all - simple.
Control inventory for large or small business from anywhere using our mobile app tools


Manage your inventory from anywhere in the world

Check, manage and update from anywhere with an internet connection using the Veeqo Scanner or mobile smartphone app.

Why retailers love Veeqo’s inventory management system

Veeqo is used by hundreds of omnichannel retail brands all over the world, helping them sell and ship everywhere

All-in one solution

Veeqo includes everything a fast growing omnichannel retailer needs to automate their business - all in a single easy-to-use platform.

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Never miss an order

Bring every order from each of your sales channels into one order management platform - save time, eliminate human error and never miss an order again.

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No more overselling

Experience seamless inventory management software that keeps real-time stock levels aligned across every marketplace and online store.

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Run a seamless warehouse

Organise, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed using Veeqo’s integrated Warehouse Management System.

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Cloud based inventory system

Have total inventory control from anywhere with an internet connection using our 100% cloud based system.

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View detailed reports

Analyse every sales channel, forecast with precision and make more informed decisions through high-level data insights.

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Purchase orders made simple

Manage every supplier in a single place and auto-populate new purchase orders with products running low on stock - all inside Veeqo.

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Connect physical stores

Easily integrate your ecommerce operations with any number of physical stores - keeping inventory synced and fulfilling online orders from any location of your choice.

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Integrated retail accounting

Connect QuickBooks and Xero accounting software to automatically sync orders and payments from all your stores and marketplaces.

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Barcode scanner operations

Pick with precision, book-in stock lightning quick and make inventory counts easier than ever with the Veeqo Scanner - your handheld Warehouse Management System.

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